Resources About Investment Co. and Indiv Investment Minimums

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Resources About Investment Co. and Indiv Investment Minimums

Postby JoelZaslofsky » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:18 pm

Hey folks,

I looked through the forums already and didn't find any resources for a couple of things. I'm doing research on how people can get started investing with as little as $100.00 and couldn't find a consolidated list for two things.

The first obstacle people have is finding an investment company that will let them open an account with a small dollar amount. I'm looking for a resource that has B&M and online investment companies and what their minimum dollar amount(s) are for opening an account. Bonus points if the resource notes different minimum amount thresholds depending on account type (e.g. IRA vs. non-IRA) or whether you set up a monthly automatic transfer into the account (e.g. $25.00 a month)

The second obstacle is minimum dollar amount thresholds for individual investments, primarily mutual funds. I'm not looking for a screening tool like the Morningstar Basic Mutual Fund Screener but rather, a resource that has the minimum individual investment amount, notes whether it has a load (if a mutual fund), what the expense ratio is, and more.

Basically, I'm looking for something more like a spreadsheet or database that already has taken in data from various investment companies and investment types (e.g. stocks, mutual funds, ETFs). If the output had columns for things like investment company, investment company minimum to open an account, investment type, individual investment name, and individual investment minimum dollar would be perfect.

Do you know of something like this floating out there in the public domain?

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