SBA Loans are Available for Franchises

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SBA Loans are Available for Franchises

Postby lewiskelly » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:40 pm

mall Business Administration (SBA) loans are available for many different businesses, including franchises. They are very similar to any other loan you’d get through the SBA, and the fact that you’re using the funds for a franchise will not really complicate things. Unfortunately, the franchise aspect doesn’t make it much easier to borrow either. There is no specific SBA loan for a franchise purchase

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Re: SBA Loans are Available for Franchises

Postby Tightwad » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:03 am

I'm not sure what the point of this post is but I've tried to get franchise loans through the SBA before & it turned out to be a disaster. The borrower will need a chain saw to cut thru all of the red tape associated with borrowing from the SBA. In the end, most small business owners/potential small business owners will walk away pissed off because of the SBA's stringent requirements and/or their lack of concern whether you get a loan or not. The SBA is a joke.

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