If You Retire Tomorrow

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Re: If You Retire Tomorrow

Postby Enigma » Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:24 am

I could see myself buying a small place in Florida to call home and then traveling a bit to Europe. However, the last time I just tried to take time off for a few months I found myself being stressed out by spending my savings.

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Re: If You Retire Tomorrow

Postby getagrip » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:51 am

Always a fun thing to think about but wonder if the reality will meet the expectation? In any case the first day of my retirement will likely be one of sleeping in a bit, enjoying a nice breakfast, and then doing something I'd planned for the rest of the day. That could include working on the house, volunteering, watching Grandkids (assuming they exist at that time), going to a new job, etc.. The point is I will have something I'm retiring to, otherwise there is no real point and I may as well keep working.

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Re: If You Retire Tomorrow

Postby Masterlandlord » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:01 am

I think this is way in future for me will not retire before age 50 I think.

A. I would spend time with my future wife or girlfriend or mistress or whatever of those. If I would have any children
then of course spend time with children. I am uncle to my brother children anyway but they are not my responsibility
though it could be even fun for me to play boardgames with them.
B. I would analyze what where would it make sense to economically live and have a good time. As for warm or cold
I am fairly adaptable to that though I don't like cold winters.
C. I am used to much more security then some Americans. I find it very funny that some Americans rate Mexico and Phillipines as
safe countries. Perhaps those Americans are from some USA city that has murder rate skyhigh (compared to the rest of USA),
but as average goes I would never retire to a dangerous country like Mexico. That being said I could however go on short holiday to Mexico and I find latino women beautiful and also like latino actors in the movies and I have nothing against their race or culture it is only
an issue about safety and crime rate.
What continent would I live on? I would say that any continent except Africa is a go for me I want nothing to do with Africa enough said.
SouthAmerica? It is huge and most countries are very dangerous but I can not once again deny the fact that many latino women are very
beautiful and there exist for example many Caucasian women for example in Argentina.
America? As culture goes fine but would only make sense if I have worked in America and I am entitled to their pension system.
America as general is fine it is rather living costs that can be a challenge.
Europe. I am from Europe so it would be very natural to me to retire in my own home country or other European country.
I have worked both in Finland and Sweden and I am entitled to pension from both of those countries though I am born in Finland.
Asia: There must be some other connection I think perhaps a wife of girlfriend from Asia.... and I have never even visited
as a tourist Asia so I need to do that to better judge living in Asia.
Australia? While I don't have nothing against Australian people it feels a bit far distance to retire to...

I think rather how to retire early is the challenge here. I am certainly not a work crazy person that must work at retirement age.
Financially secure for example all debts and mortgage totally paid off + having rental income would be one way for me to retire

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Re: If You Retire Tomorrow

Postby ThriftyMommy » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:29 pm

Probably, I won't think it anymore, If i had invested something much earlier when the time comes.

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