Please Advice Should I leave the job and start business

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Please Advice Should I leave the job and start business

Postby alishekh » Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:37 am

Greeting All,

Apologize if writing in wrong category.

I got married 2 year back. Before that I have started a small blog to update my university information (I was doing master) I was writing few posts in week and was earning 50/100$ (I am in India and got 45 INR for 1 $ so it is fare amount here) month. I also joined a Company As SEO 6 month ago before started Blog.

After Marriage My wife taking care of it and in two year we have grown our blog to 3000 Visitor /Day with 20/22$ per day with my SEO knowledge and her content. After seeing success of old blog I have started my portal a year back, Had some work on it and it is delivering 7/8$ average par day. (also launched 1 more website 2 month back which is now on first page of google for main keyword).

This was my side business income which would be 600$ + 250$+10$ = 860$. The amount is really high in INR for Good Life.

Update : I have hired one full time employee(Jr.SEO 100$/Month) and one part time employee (Content Writer 130$/Month) last month

Now the concern is I am doing fulltime job which is paying me 450$ / Month for 9Hour work per month. Should I leave my current job and concentrate what I am doing as side business.

The things stooping me is

* Adsense Earning which is not consistant every time.
* Salary of My Employee

please bare with my language if you feel awkward.

I am seeking Advice to start my own business.

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Re: Please Advice Should I leave the job and start business

Postby madison85 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:29 am

Hi, Its really interesting that your earning statistics is fairly good from Adsense. But at least you point out the main problem of Adsense is not consistent each time. You and your wife may be very smart doing internet business. Its quite hard to bear a full time business for adsense business. Have you tried any freelancing website like or, etc? Where you'll get lots of jobs in SEO, Writing, Data entry. There are lots of jobs available there. Starting is little hard there but after getting some reviews its really easy to get newer jobs.

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Re: Please Advice Should I leave the job and start business

Postby jasedona » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:04 am

Agreed with Madison.. there are lots of ways to fill in the gaps by doing some virtual freelancing work. and are good places to try. As for leaving your job... I voluntarily left my job in the US about 6 months ago (which paid me between $300k- $400k per year), and now work at another position that pays less than half of what I originally made. However, it's a position where I feel respected and do some really cool stuff, and I also get to have my own website building business on the side. I cannot tell you how happy I am these days... leaving my old job was the best decision of my life.

Best of luck to you! I hope you are able to start off on your own soon... it's scary at first, but you'll absolutely love it.

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