I hate my life

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Postby honeybee » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:08 pm

RichBy40, you don't have the attitude necessary to live up to your username. Change your attitude and stop trolling these forums.

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Postby Dani » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:23 pm

Your parents have a responsibility to raise and support you until your 18th birthday. I'd certainly be a little more grateful for the extra two years' support you've squeezed out of them. In this economy, a job will not fall into your lap. As Dr. Phil says, when you're unemployed you should spend at least 40 hours per week seeking employment.

Has it ever occured to you that perhaps your parents are planning for their own retirement? That you sitting at home all day, running electrical appliances, eating their food, is a significant burden on them, lengthening the time until they will be able to retire? Maybe they are starting to resent supporting their adult child, who has an attitude, is too lazy to engage in a full-time job search, and tells them to "suck a fat one" as a show of gratitude for their assistance.

With your education, communication skills and attitude, I don't see how you'll be rich by 40.

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Postby JerichoHill » Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:59 am

Play nice yall
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Playing Nice

Postby TheWealthSquad » Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:26 am

I was in very similar circumstances at age 20.

Married, working a full time job cutting frozen chicken on second shift 40+ hrs a week making $7.50 an hour with a wife who didn't work. I was taking a full class load (18 hrs) in chemical engineering, $250/month rent, $250 truck payment, $250 phone bill (wife loved to talk to her friends since she wasn't working - biggest mistake I made was not putting a stop to that but young and in love you do stupid things) and the rest was spent on utilities, food, gas, etc. College was paid for by scholarships that required a 3.0 GPA so no slacking allowed.

Luckily I had been taught by my parents that if you want something, you work for it. I spent 6 years getting my degree, worked full time all but the final semester. Had a son during college as well. Took on roommates at times to help with rent, bills, etc. Worked two part time jobs, co-oped two years.

You decide your attitude. You control your reactions. Be responsible. Accept that things aren't the way you want them today. That's your starting point. Decide what you out of life and start working working toward it. Your parents don't owe you anything. At 19, you should be paying a good portion of your way. The lessons you learn as this age will set you apart from many of your peers when you go to apply for a job after college.

Use this to your advantage. You are being given a gift of tough times. Show your character by how you respond to it. That is what determines where you go in life.

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