21-day vegan challenge

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21-day vegan challenge

Postby annibe11e » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:21 pm

I just started the 21-day vegan challenge 2 days ago! I guess they start it on the first of every month. It hasn't been as bad as I expected so far. I thought the first few days would be withdrawl and torture, like when I quit smoking. I cannot believe how much food I can eat when it's not calorie-dense.

Is anyone here vegan? Care to share any recipes?

Has anyone gone vegan to lose weight? Did it work?

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Re: 21-day vegan challenge

Postby brad » Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:50 pm

I think Bill Clinton lost a lot of weight by going vegan.

Mark Bittman, the food writer for the NY Times, lost a lot of weight by going vegan for part of the day (I think he's vegan until 6pm).

I eat vegan breakfasts, but apart from that I'd say my diet is 80% vegetarian; we eat meat, fish, and poultry but not very often (red meat maybe 4 times per year, poultry once a month or so, fish and shellfish a bit more often than that).

Good luck with your challenge!

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