Hi! I'm Dutch, any other Europeans here?

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Hi! I'm Dutch, any other Europeans here?

Postby cjlaumans » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:33 pm


This is my first post here, I'm quite new to the forum and GRS.

I'm 27 years old and live in the Netherlands (am also a Dutch citizen). I'm now finishing my master's degree in Engineering and next year I'll be working almost full time while doing a 2nd master degree.

Until now I've leeched off of my parents, as they've always been very giving, but at some point that has got to stop and that time is very close. In preparation for the 'real world' I've been learning about pension, saving, investing, budgeting, etc. And for this the info on GRS is great!

Two months ago I started tracking my finances and am now starting to implement budgeting (I'm using the simple balanced money formula). I was surprised how much I was spending! I'm glad however that I'm becoming more money conscious now.

I've also started listening to the audio book The Millionaire Next Door, and this has been a real eye-opener, especially considering the behavior of my parents being such givers and how this has made me not the most frugal person. I'm starting to turn this around though, and I really take joy in finding good deals and saving money. I also would like to get my hands on All Your Worth, but that will come at another time.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone else here is European and if they have some additional resources or blogs that are more oriented to European stuff. For example we don't have Roth IRA's here, the system is different.

Any other resources to get started are much appreciated!



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Re: Hi! I'm Dutch, any other Europeans here?

Postby kolinz » Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:52 am


A am from Latvia and I also looking for best investments methods like 401k and IRA in Europe. As I read lot of books like "Millionaire Next Door" all kind of this stuff about frugality, budgeting , savings actually I accomplished this pretty well. Also GRS site helped me well.
In some words I started my bulletproof system 2 years ago with budgeting, get rid of buy stuff that I do not need anymore etc., track every penny I spend. Then I realized that It goes more automatic and I do not need control it anymore. Only my weak place now is investing. Because I start fist of all with local mutual funds which are grow on bull market 2 years ago , then I tried my skills on stock market also pretty well. Now I have different type of assets in different local banks. Now I think it is more complicated for me to control all my assets while I have big diversification.
Now I want to find also some European best investment methods for retirement and investing through life insurance with tax refund. So I am looking good European experts(bloggers) to find out about best less complicated long term investments in Europe.

Cause opening accounts in USA banks and European banks while I living in Europe means commission to send money there, for one EUR or US money transfer is about 15 EUR. It is a lot to have investment accounts in foreign bank.

Till now I did not find good European blog about investing or money at all. Keep searching.... If you have any ideas to start smart investing in Europe please share ...

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Re: Hi! I'm Dutch, any other Europeans here?

Postby Sonja » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:57 am

I'm Dutch as well.

I've actually been actively looking for specific Dutch personal finance sites to answer some questions about Dutch savings, investments opportunities and taxes, since they really differ per country, but unfortunately not been able to find any that seem any good.

On the up side, I think that our system in a lot of ways is a lot simpler as well. Without credit cards debt is a smaller problem as it's harder to get into debt. Pensions are part of basically every job, so less dependant on saving for yourself. But still you should look into getting a private pension as well.

I'd recommend the Dutch "Pension for dummies"-book to learn a lot about that. Since you'll be 28 when you start working fulltime there's a possibility you'll not work the full 40 years before retirement, and that has an effect on the AOW you get as well. Nothing to worry about too much, but better to know it upfront than to find out when it's too late to do anything about it.

If anyone does have any good Dutch specific sites I'd be happy to hear about them.

Ps. The above post feel very spammy.. Perhaps time to remove it?

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Re: Hi! I'm Dutch, any other Europeans here?

Postby bpgui » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:42 pm

Sonja wrote:Ps. The above post feel very spammy.. Perhaps time to remove it?

It's gone.

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