How many resumes sent per interview?

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Re: How many resumes sent per interview?

Postby Cleverbeans » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:50 am

I've rarely gotten a job based on my resume, I've almost always gained a position based on networking. I have a strong resume, it's just not the first point of contact for most employers. Try making a few calls or going down in person and asking to speak to someone about the company. Also, you can participate in industry specific functions or events with some resumes and business cards in hand. It's much easier to forget a piece of paper then to forget a friendly face who took extra initiative.

Also, if you're only getting 10-15 resumes out a day you're probably underusing sites like Jobfox and Monster. When I decided to quit my last job I got upward of 50 resumes out the first day all with "custom" cover letters that I built off a template. Job fairs are another great way to get your resume out in bulk with the advantage that you can meet someone face to face which lets you make a bigger splash.

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Postby xtina » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:33 pm

To answer your question- Yes. It has taken me a ton of resumes to get a very few number of call-backs.

That being said, I have only ever gotten two jobs via the resume method. The first was after I had graduated from college and I was applying for out-of-state internships. The other was for a different internship while in grad school and the preferred method of application was via resume.

My other jobs in my career field I have gotten exclusively through networking. This means taking initiative and not being afraid to introduce myself to strangers.

Is there a way for you to network with companies, firms, individuals? In my experience, it results in the most consistent returns.

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Postby brad » Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:22 pm

I've gotten all but my last two jobs by sending in resumes and cover letters. Networking got my last two jobs, so obviously that's an effective approach too, but I wouldn't say that sending out resumes is a bad way to find a job.

I've gotten several jobs by responding to ads in the newspaper (which asked for a resume and a cover letter); I also got one job at a university by looking at its job openings board and sending in a resume and cover letter.

When I was first starting out, I used the "broadcast" approach: I sent out more than 200 resumes to organizations all over my region, with a short cover letter introducing myself and asking them to keep my resume on file. I got a job that way. I got another really great job the same way -- there was an organization that I really wanted to work for so I just sent them an unsolicited resume. It happened to arrive a few days after someone announced they were leaving, and I was reasonably well qualified for that job. I stayed there five years and it was the best job I've ever had.

Unless you are in a very specialized field, I'd figure on sending out a few hundred resumes to get one or two interviews. But if you have specific skills to offer and are well qualified you'll be called in for a lot more interviews. My girlfriend is a legal secretary with a law degree and about 15 years of experience, and almost anytime she sends out a resume she gets called in for an interview.
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