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Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro


Guide to Money Questions Answered: 4

Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro, MBA is a Personal Finance / Business Writer based in NYC.

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How do I have fun in the winter without spending lots of money?

Long nights, less sunshine and gloomy or cold days can get even the most upbeat person a bit down. Add this to holiday shopping expenses and less than flexible wallets for the perfect combination of winter blues. Luckily, there is a simple remedy. Have fun! Who says you can't have a great Read More >>

I don't have any extra cash, how do I save money?

Saving money is easier said than done when you already feel strapped for cash. However, with patience and discipline, the saving habit can become second nature. Here are some ways to get started: Put savings on autopilot If you have a regular paycheck, one of the best ways to start Read More >>

Should I lend money to my family?

Loans between relatives are prone to misunderstandings. Of course you want to help your family, as they would want to help you. But to protect your interests, it's best to treat the potential loan as a business transaction. The last thing you want is a family conflict. If you lend Read More >>

Should I lend money to my friends?

A test of friendship Many people find that once they lend their money to their friends, the friendship becomes a bit tense and different. Of course it all depends on the amount of money that is being borrowed. There is a big difference between a few bucks and a few Read More >>