Barbara Marquand

Barbara Marquand


Guide to Money Questions Answered: 3

Barbara Marquand is a freelance writer who writes frequently about personal finance.

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How do I start developing savings habits before high school?

Although it was more than 200 years ago when Benjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned," the words still ring true today. Saving and planning create the path to get you what you really want and need in life. Saving money isn't so much Read More >>

How do I start saving while I'm in high school?

A lot of people get into financial trouble because they never learned how to save money and invest wisely. You're lucky because you're still young and in school, which is the best time to master money management skills. Developing good savings habits now will put you in shape to accomplish Read More >>

How Do You Save When You're a Newlywed?

As newlyweds, it's natural to want to spend money doing the things you love together and buying furnishings to build your nest. Just make sure you plan how to save money together before you spend money together. Particularly if this is the first time you're merging bank accounts and assets with Read More >>