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Richard Barrington


Guide to Money Questions Answered: 14

Richard Barrington has earned the CFA designation and is a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, including having previously served for over a dozen years as a member of the Executive Committee of Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc. Richard has written extensively on investment and personal finance topics.

Recent Questions Answered by Richard Barrington

What is a Roth IRA?

You've probably heard of a Roth IRA, but unless you understand the basic features and advantages of these plans, you haven't fully explored your retirement savings options. If you play your cards right, a Roth IRA can save you money on taxes over the long haul, and yet they are Read More >>

What's an IRA?

A classic description of retirement funding is that it is like a three-legged stool, but with at least one of those legs getting a little wobbly these days, you may want to lean particularly heavily on an Individual Retirement Arrangement, more commonly known as an IRA. Three legs of retirement Read More >>

How much should I put in my 401(k)?

You probably know that contributing to a 401(k) plan is the right thing for your future, but how do you know how much is enough? The right contribution level depends on your situation. Tools such as online calculators can help you calculate the right percentage for you. Alternatively, there are some Read More >>

Is a million dollars enough to retire on?

The title "millionaire" still carries a cachet of wealth and ease, but the truth is, being a millionaire isn't what it used to be. Perhaps more to the point, by the time you retire, being a millionaire may not even be enough to keep you living comfortably. So is a Read More >>

How Can I Save While I'm Still in College?

As a college student--or someone just about to start college--you have a lot on your plate. Between worrying about lectures, exams, extracurricular activities, and employment, it's easy to push financial responsibilities to the back burner until after you graduate into the "real world." However, knowing the basics of money management Read More >>

How Do I Create a Budget?

Everybody has different financial goals. While some are saving for a special purchase, others may be focused on saving for retirement, or working to get out of debt. If you have a specific savings plan in place, your chance of meeting your goals increase. Put your goals Read More >>

How Do I Start My Savings After Graduating from College?

If you are about to graduate, or have recently graduated from college, then congratulations! You are about to enter a whole new world of freedom...and responsibility. Don't worry though, you can still enjoy your freedom. Especially if you take control of your responsibilities, rather than letting Read More >>

How Do I Start Saving for Retirement?

Saving money is a worthwhile goal, but it is important to remember that money is just a means to an end. Actually, money is a means to several ends, which is why it is so important to set clear financial priorities. Otherwise, you might never accomplish the Read More >>

Tips on Figuring the Savings Rates and Investments Needed to Fund Retirement

The problem people often have with planning for retirement is that it is a vague, far-off need rather than an immediate, well-defined priority that they can start to tackle. The following steps will help you bring retirement planning into sharper focus, so you can start to Read More >>

What are Certificates of Deposits and What are Their Benefits?

for the best rates The best way to think of a Certificate of Deposit (commonly known as a CD) is as a contract between you and a bank: you agree to give the bank a certain amount of money for a specified period of time, and the Read More >>

What Are Money Market Accounts?

The most important thing to know about a money market account is that it is most similar to a savings account. Money market accounts can seem to occupy a gray area because they have a name similar to money market funds, but they are most closely related Read More >>

What are the Basics I Need to Know To Learn To Save?

There is no one way to save money. However, successful savings does consist of both big and small actions. You can think of this as breaking the savings effort down into strategy and tactics. Savings strategy represents your big-picture planning. It gives your effort some direction, Read More >>

What Do I Need To Know About Savings Accounts?

A savings account should be the cornerstone of any household savings program. It will often be the first place you start to accumulate savings, and should remain a financial tool throughout your life. The following are some key characteristics of a savings account: Guarantee of principal: The principal value of a Read More >>

Why and How Do I Need to Save For Emergencies?

Even those who are the most careful with their budgets will have to deal with the unexpected from time to time. Occasionally financial events outside of your control, which threaten to throw your normal monthly budget completely out of whack, will arise. To be prepared for such Read More >>