Hoping to Finish Ahead by Starting Behind

$76,133.53 — I owe this total to various lenders, who decided four years ago that trusting an eighteen year old with this sum of money was a good idea. However, the original amount of money I owed was much greater ($107,822.33) and even I am amazed with the amount of debt ($31,688.80) I have paid off during my time in college.

Following my heart
A little over four years ago, as I was preparing to graduate from high school, I was in the midst of making a life-altering decision. I needed to choose between attending a public school a few hours from my home in Florida, or my dream school: a private institution in New York City, a school that I fantasized about attending ever since I was a child.

I would be the first person in my family to attend a traditional four-year college or university, and I wanted to make sure that the degree would allow me to live a better life than my parents, and someday achieve financial independence. I was worried that the public school that I had the opportunity to attend would not provide me with the proper set of life experiences that I needed to be successful in life, and I knew that the school in New York City would be able to give me a unique college experience, and put me in a strong position to succeed. Continue reading...

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