Are Pre-Nuptial Agreements For Everyone?

My wife and I were married a few years ago. I was working at myFICO at the time we got engaged, so I was already swimming in the world of credit, debt, and personal finance.

In fact, Suze Orman was a partner of myFICO, so I was exposed to a lot of her principles. For example, she believes that all couples should go through the prenuptial agreement process, which seems like heresy to most of her viewers. The "pre-nup" has negative connotations for most people, but Orman has a different spin on it — which I adopted.

Her concept is that a pre-nup doesn't need to be focused on a negative outcome of divorce. Instead, it can be used as an exercise to really talk about money, and especially values around money. Her thinking is that if a couple can get through a pre-nup, they'll be better equipped to handle financial issues down the road. Orman believes that every couple should have a pre-nup, and that it isn't a tool just for wealthy people. Continue reading...

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