In defense of buying books

I know J.D. has posted many times about how going to the library saves money, but I personally love to buy books. Even after reading the arguments about saving money over the year, going to the library and everything else, I still think buying some books is good for me. This is my defense of buying books.

Cheap Entertainment

First and foremost, the average cost of an hour of entertainment is pretty low for books. For instance, here's a chart of entertainment options, and their financial cost per hour.

Activity Cost per Hour
Movie ($7.00 Ticket, 2 Hour Movie) $3.50
Cable TV ($40.00 per month, 2 Hours a day) $0.67
Book ($15.00, 6 Hours) $2.5
Baseball Game ($40.00, 3 Hours) $13.34
Concert ($50.00, 2 Hours) $25.00
Night Out ($50.00, 4 Hours) $12.50
Internet Pennies?

These numbers are based on an informal survey of my co-workers. I suggest you try it with your own values. Also, I assumed that I only read the book once and paid a pretty high price for it (usually, I buy paperbacks). If I really love a book, I keep it forever. I have books that I've read over and over and over and over again. I imagine the average per hour on some of my books is reaching mere cents per hour.

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