What is Wealth?

The dictionary defines wealth as:

  1. abundance of valuable material possessions or resources
  2. abundant supply: profusion
  3. all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value
  4. all material objects that have economic utility; especially: the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time

Society usually views the "wealthiest" people in society as those that have the most things or the most financial resources. From third-world countries in Africa and Asia, to the wealthiest nations in the civilized western world, the concept is universal. Recently I read a news blurb that the CEO of Oracle, worth a whopping $36 billion, purchased the island of Lanai with the “pocket change” of $600 million. Whoa! That's wealth!

With such a common definition of wealth being mainly material, it seems that many of us simply brush over the deeper significance of the dictionary's second definition: "abundant supply: profusion".

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