Investing as a Couple: Draw on Your Differences

It's official: Warren Buffet has a feminine side. Not that the billionaire investor parades around in drag. He doesn't. But the investment patterns of men and women show that Buffet has apparently, over time, tuned into his so-called feminine insight when making investment decisions.

You say potato...
According to Dr. Ellen Peters, a research psychologist at the University of Oregon who co-directed a survey of 800 people beginning in late September 2008 when the economic meltdown was just heating up, men and women have very different approaches to investing.

Men get reactive and angry. That rage takes the edge off any obvious risk, making them feel more bulletproof. (How else would our ancestors have had the guts to take on a woolly mammoth armed with just a spear and a loincloth?) Men are generally more competitive and more aggressive than their female counterparts. And because they tend to be in the thick of it, trading frequently, they are also better at anticipating — and taking advantage of — the soaring highs of a bull market.

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