How we paid cash for our first home

When my husband and I got married nine years ago, we had an audacious dream of paying cash for our first home. At that time, it was very much a far-off dream — we were just trying to survive the rigors and expenses of law school without going in debt. That alone was a seemingly gigantic feat.

But after three years of law school, my husband did graduate without debt, passed the bar, and we started planning for the future. Since we'd been renting for almost four years, my husband had a good job, and our second baby was on the way, pretty much everyone expected that buying a house would be in our immediate future.

I mean, after all, isn't buying a house the responsible thing for a young couple to do? Well, maybe — or maybe not. We didn't have much money in savings, and we weren't sure how long we would be living in the town we were in, so we chose to go against conventional wisdom and continued renting.

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