Getting emotional about money

The value you place on money is hugely driven by emotion. Behind every dollar you spend, there's an emotion attached to it. Get clear on the emotional driver, and you get clear on your relationship to prosperity.

I tend to think of money in the same way I regard time: It's a form of energy. It comes and goes according to my intentions. The clearer my intentions, the more the money flows. Before I decide if I'm going to spend my coin on something, I weigh out the potential for results and pleasure.

“Pleasure” has a great range. Sometimes delight is the measurable, but other times we're aiming for circuit-blowing ecstasy. And as we all know, in terms of commerce, circuit-blowing ecstasy can be achieved with something as indulgent as a piece of chocolate ganache or luxy as private race-car driving lessons or as noble as making a donation to your favorite cause.

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