Dear Diary: I live at home and I’m still broke — Part I

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Living at home post undergrad has many rewards.

If you were fortunate to have parents like mine, where rent-free is the name of their game, you might agree that it's like winning the lotto! After a contract I was working on changed due to mutual agreement, I ended a job with the hope of tackling personal and business ventures.

Technically, I wasn't broke because I had no job. I was broke because I was living rent-free and making poor money decisions. So there I was, suddenly back in the four sky-blue walls of the room where I'd spent the majority of my high-school years, trying to convince myself that, with more than $1,000 in my savings account, I could get by for six months and get my finances totally in order from the new gigs and business opportunities that would come my way.

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