Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

Whether through recent news articles or over the water cooler, you've probably heard something about reverse mortgages. But if you (or a loved one) is considering this type of loan, don't base your opinion on hearsay. For such a major financial decision, it's worth getting the facts about reverse mortgages. This type of mortgage can actually be a valuable option for people in the right circumstances and who understand the terms of the deal.

Reverse mortgages convert home-equity into cash
What is a reverse mortgage? If you own a home and are 62 or older, a reverse mortgage is a way to convert some of your home equity into cash. Rather than make monthly payments to your lender, your lender is making payments to you. The money you borrow through a reverse mortgage is paid back, with interest, when you move out of your home, sell your home, or die.

The older you are and the more valuable your home, the lower the interest rate you can get in a reverse mortgage — meaning you can borrow more money. Continue reading...

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