How to be the family CFO

As acting chief financial officer of my family, Kim Snider's How to Be the Family CFO provided me with an education I wish I had received 15 years ago! The book is easily digestible, with five sections, and most chapters easily read in 5-10 minute bites. This proves to be the best way to read the book since it is packed with valuable information.

For anyone at the beginning of their financial education, How to Be the Family CFO provides a wealth of information. If you consider yourself financially savvy, there are still some wonderful reminders, and advice on how to maintain and grow your wealth.

About the Author

You may be wondering why you should take advice from the author, Kim Snider. As a mother of four, I was wondering that myself when I read that she was married without children. I wondered how she could speak to my concerns as a parent, but after reading the book I feel like she completely “gets it.” It helps that she has pets who seem like they must be her “kids” — she even set them up with their own trusts!


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