Where to find free activities and events in your area

Our family has been going through a transformation from a paycheck-to-paycheck family to a family that has money in the bank. While I wouldn't say we are extreme frugalists, we do try to save as much money as we can, yet still provide excellent entertainment and learning opportunities for our family. Like J.D. (and many others!), we have struggled with finding that balance where we allow some fun while working to increase our financial health.

When it comes to entertainment, I think we are close to finding that balance. We do allow some money in our budget for that type of spending, but not much. We supplement our spending by enjoying as many free activities/events in our area as we can. But where do we find them?

The internet turned out to be a great resource for us and I thought I would share what I've learned with you. Of course, internet sources vary greatly depending on where you live so this is a generic list that I hope can be helpful to everyone. By all means, if you have suggestions, feel free to share with everyone in the comments!

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