Entrepreneurship Advice from Marc Hedlund, CEO of Wesabe

A couple weeks ago, J.D. had a conversation with some friends about starting a small business. I liked a lot of what was said, but I've had some different experiences, and would like to offer my perspective. Here are some things I've learned from my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Starting a business with friends can be fantastic
Both of the companies I've co-founded have been with long-time friends, and while of course there were hard parts about it, in many ways it was a huge help.  We knew each other well enough to figure out how the other would react in a lot of situations, and had a base level of trust that is always helpful.  Of course there are plenty of counterexamples, but it can work.

What matters is that you have a partner with whom you can communicate — if that person is a friend, great.

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