Why giving up $100,000 a year was the right choice

My wife and I are conservative people at heart, and we don't like taking chances. In other words, we're not the type of people that gamble at the casinos. We're not the type of people that make risky investments. And we were certainly not the type of people that risk their own money to start a business.

Back then, my wife and I were your average married couple. We both worked full-time jobs. Financially, we had nothing to complain about as we lived well within our means with an occasional splurge. We both made a decent living and managed to pocket a sizable portion of our income every month.

All told, our lives appeared very stable and on the surface, we came across as just another married couple living a happy life. But on the inside, we had a few issues. For one thing, our lives were monotonous and boring. Since we weren't doing anything meaningful with our time, we lacked a sense of purpose and felt as though we were just going through the motions. The other major problem was that my wife wasn't happy with her career.

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