What to do when you’re completely unsure

Personal finance is full of confusing concepts, puzzling equations, and no lack of professionals with conflicting advice about what you ought to be doing and how you ought to go about doing it. With all that information swirling around in your head, and mixed with a general uncertainty about what the future holds, it's easy to find yourself completely unsure of what to do.

We all face tough choices sometimes.Know what I used to do when I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure which direction to go? Nothing. I'd freeze in indecision, get frustrated, and give up.

I spent a long time doing nothing before the frustration of inaction finally overtook the discomfort of not knowing what to do. Though I made some mistakes, things finally started coming together once I committed to taking action with my finances and career. That's why I can say that although times have never been more uncertain for me than they are right now, I've also never been more confident in my ability to work things out.

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