Fiology: The online encyclopedia of financial independence

FiologyFiology is a brand-new site that I believe will interest many Get Rich Slowly readers. It's an attempt to gather in one place related articles about a variety of common topics from the world of financial independence and early retirement.

Here's how Fiology founder David Baughier describes his goals:

My motivations for Fiology are simple – to share the message of Financial Independence while highlighting some of the best and brightest in the Financial Independence community on the internet. At no point will a visitor be charged by me to access the information on the site.

The majority of the material Fiology uses is free and readily available elsewhere on the internet. The value of Fiology is that it takes that information and organizes it into an easy reference that we can share with those interested in the concept of Financial Independence.

It's a simple concept, but it's also brilliant.

Each of the 53 lessons covers one specific topic. These lessons range from the milestones of financial independence to caring for aging parents, from geoarbitrage to retirement account basics, from compound interest to happiness. The lessons contain blog posts, news articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos, plus suggested apps, books, and tools.

Let's use one of my pet subjects as an example. Lesson two at Fiology is called “Why FI”, and it's all about figuring out why you want to retire early. Here's a screenshot of the resources Baughier has pulled together on the subject:

Why FI?

I appreciate that Fiology is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Because its aim is to be a central resource, it's not bogged down by a lot of baggage. Baughier is able to gather information and present it in an accessible format. I also like that, if you'd like, you can subscribe to a weekly email so that you can consume all of the lessons over the course of a year.

Here is a list of all the lessons from Fiology (along with links to related GRS material, when appropriate):

Fiology is a valuable reference for anyone interested in financial independence and early retirement. It's a site well-worth bookmarking. It's going to become the first place I visit when I'm researching articles and need help.

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2 years ago

Thank you for all that you do. You are a genuinely good person that I am glad to have gotten to know over the past few years. Your talks and our discussions helped shape Fiology and helped me align effort and attitude to values in other aspects of my life. The value that you bring to your audience will likely never be fully realized by you but know that it is significant and appreciated. I look forward to our next visits.