How I finally defeated dandruff

Here's a tip I cannot believe I'm sharing in public.

For years I've battled dandruff. I mean I've had it bad. Recently it's reached nightmarish proportions — my scalp was like North Dakota in January.

I tried all sorts of remedies. I tried Selsun Blue. I tried Head and Shoulders. I tried Denorex. Nothing worked. I even tried not washing my hair at all. That didn't help the dandruff and just created the added grossness of greasy hair.

Frustrated, I was ready to make a doctor's appointment, ready to spend vast sums of money to defeat the dandruff. Then, on a whim, my wife bought me a bottle of baby shampoo. You know the stuff: “tearless”, etc. I was skeptical, but willing to try anything. You know what? It worked!

I've been washing my hair with baby shampoo daily for the past two weeks. It hasn't eliminated the dandruff completely, but it has reduced it dramatically. I mean by an order of magnitude. To levels of normality.

I cannot vouch that baby shampoo will work for everyone, but if you too have a dandruff problem, it cannot hurt to try. It's an easy and cheap solution. And do me a favor: if you try this, post back here to say whether or not it worked for you.

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