Know Your Consumer Rights When it Comes to Credit Cards

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Some 3 billion pieces of mail are sent to U.S. consumers each year from credit card companies, according to 2015 statistics highlighted in Business Insider. That's a lot of marketing to wade through. And, as you know, it's simply not enough to pay your balance in full and on time. Credit card companies are looking for ways to penalize you for paying your balance off. They can cancel a card if you are not using it, which can hurt your credit score. Did you know they can raise your APR on one card simply because they found out you were late on a payment to another? Did you also know that the fine print on contracts states they can increase your APR at any time they want, for any reason?

Fighting back doesn't take one borrowed dollar. Here are ten ways to turn the tables on credit card companies.

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What’s not to love about a new car?

This is a guest post from Katrina Ramser, a freelance writer who contributes new-car reviews for various websites, newspapers and magazines. She also writes about swimming at SquidKid.

I love new cars. From the luxury mid-size utilities to the efficient little guys, all have that new car smell — clean, pure, new.

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