Sammy the Rabbit Teaches Kids to Save

Financial literacy is best taught at a young age. Some of us are just coming to terms with basic financial skills at 38 — what if we'd managed to start on these habits when we were eight?

The goal of the It's a Habit Company (IAHC) is to “change children's lives one dime at a time”. To meet this objective, the company has developed a character named Sammy Rabbit to better reach kids. IAHC (and Sammy) offer a variety of resources to teach financial literacy.

For example, they've published a couple books, including It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! in which Sammy the Saver learns:

  • Saving is a great habit.
  • Saving is better than wasting.
  • Saving prepares us for emergencies.
  • Saving helps us to help ourselves and others.
  • Saving, collecting, and counting are fun.
  • Our savings will grow when we make saving a habit.
  • A habit is something we do every day.

IAHC also offers a CD filled with “15 contagious songs from a variety of genres that celebrate leadership and smart money management”. I asked Sam X. Renick, the company's founder and CEO, if he'd be willing to let GRS readers sample some of the music, and he pointed me to these tracks:

  • Get In the Habit — “You can do it, now let's get to it: from every dollar, save a dime.”
  • Rainy Day — “It's alright, it's okay: I've been saving for a rainy day.”

The IAHC web site contains a variety of resources, including information on Sammy Rabbit appearances, Sammy's favorite money sayings, links to other resources, and a collection of interviews with money experts.

If you have young children, Sammy the Rabbit could be a great way to teach them to save.

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12 years ago

Great post J.D. I find that kids learn the best from example. If the parents are frugal and careful with their money, their kids will learn to be also. I know that’s how I learned to be frugal.

12 years ago

JD, I don’t know if it’s just my computer or the feedburner posting but the last two days the print size and the readability have gone to almost zero. For example, I cannot read the above post. I did notice a decrease in typer size at the simple dollar but it at least is still legible.

12 years ago

As someone who waited until my mid 30s to learn fiscal responsibility, i have tried to ensure my daughters are off to a better start. My 4 year old has 3 “piggy banks” that she puts her allowance into. Each sunday she collects her 6 “coins” and runs off to her room to put money away for “when I get old, emergencies, and fun”. She does not grasp the value of the coins she is receiving but she certainly understands that if she saves the money now, when the ice cream man comes this weekend, she will have money to… Read more »