Once-a-Month Cooking: Cooking for the Rushed

Get Rich Slowly-reader Kevin comments:

Eating well on a budget requires some thought. But planning out a whole month of meals, and shopping for that month (you only get two paychecks a month) is the real challenge. Is there a web site with a month long meal plan of healthy meals, in a spreadsheet shopping list, that can be used at most grocery stores? I cannot find any.

While you can try the 14-day trial of $5 Meal Plan, my brother suggests books might be more useful than web sites for long-term meal planning. His family has been using a couple of volumes that do just what Kevin wants:

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Frugality in Practice: The Lunch Special

While practicing frugal habits, it's easy to become absorbed in a life of self-denial: "I will not buy this shirt. I will wait for this film to come to DVD. I will not eat at the steak house tonight." Even so, there's room to treat yourself once in a while, especially if the treat is cheap!

One treat I allow myself is the Lunch Special.

I am a regular at Imperial Garden, a local Chinese restaurant. I like to eat lunch there once per week. Sometimes I stop on my way home from work on Friday (when I leave work at noon). Sometimes I walk up to the restaurant on my way to the library. Sometimes I invite friends to join me.

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