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Podcasts are a great and free way to learn about saving and investing. Here are some of the very best personal finance podcasts we feel are worthy of your “must-listen” line-up:

Planet Money

Planet Money is perhaps the best all-around podcast about money and economics out there right now. The production values are extremely high — as you’d expect from any NPR show — but it stands out for its ability to explain the most complex economic issues in straightforward and innovative ways. Their most famous episode, “Giant Pool of Money” with This American Life, remains one of the best pieces of explanatory journalism on the housing crisis in any medium. If you still aren’t certain what caused the housing crisis of 2008 and the global money panic that followed definitely give this episode a listen.

Bad With Money

If you don’t know a stock from a bond or an IRA from the IRS, you may want to check out Bad With Money with YouTube comedian and former BuzzFeed writer Gaby Dunn. While primarily geared toward millennials, this podcast is a sonic kick-in-the-pants for anyone who needs to get a handle on their money management (or lack thereof.) One of the better episodes allowed listeners to come along as Gaby unloaded all her financial baggage to a financial psychologist. Yes, your parents’ attitudes about money are likely affecting you today. This is not the place for advice on sophisticated financial instruments or advanced savings and investing — by any means — but Gaby’s voice is fresh and the tone 100 percent non-judgmental.

The Disciplined Investor

The Disciplined Investor is a favorite of several folks in our commenting community. Hosted by Andrew Horowitz, a professional money manager, this podcast is for listeners who already have a degree of comfort with investing. Horowitz regularly features respected experts from the financial community to help investors profit. Recent guests include Satyajit Das, an author and journalist who writes the Das Capital Column in the UK’s Independent newspaper.

Listen Money Matters

Andrew Fiebert and Matt Giovanisci are the brains (and voices) behind Listen Money Matters, a podcast that aims to be the “ultimate personal finance resource” with a little bit of attitude. On the “air” since 2013, they discuss saving and investing, interview financial experts, and otherwise keep their audience entertained with their irreverent style.


American Public Media’s Marketplace program is heard on public radio stations across the United States. It’s also available as in podcast format. Though Marketplace specifically covers business and economics, much of the material relates to personal finance. Another similar option would be the Freakonomics podcast from the duo that created the popular book of the same name, especially if you want more Econ 101 with your everyday money talk.

Plain Talk on Investing

Vanguard’s Plain Talk on Investing podcast is a bi-weekly series “dedicated to helping you achieve financial success through practical, easy-to-follow steps.” Episodes include a wide range of investment topics.

Sound Investing

Sound Investing with Paul Merriman produces what Money Magazine calls “the best money podcast”. This is a weekly radio program that has been on the air for eight years in Seattle. “Sound Investing provides clear, concise advice on money and retirement, and includes interviews with the most influential people in the money business including Vanguard’s Jack Bogle, Kiplinger’s Knight Kiplinger, and Money Magazine’s Jason Zweig.”

The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show is a daily call-in show about personal finance. You can get an hour of the show each day as a free podcast, though if you want the entire thing, you have to pay to join Ramsey’s site.

What money podcasts do you listen to? Please share in the comments below.

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