>> AskMetafilter: Is consumerism bad? <<
“Should I feel guilty about wanting the things that I do?” See also: How do you stop feeling guilty for what you have? and Please help me with my struggle between materialism and minimalism. I have similar inner dilemmas.

>> Liz Pulliam Weston: Money trouble? It’s your own fault <<
“If you’re having money problems, you probably have good reasons. [...] Here’s the thing, though: Reasons have expiration dates. Rely on them too long and they harden into excuses.” Weston doesn’t just describe the problems — she also offers some solutions.

>> MarketWatch: Rich don’t save either <<
“The low to no savings rate in the United States extends to rich people too. It isn’t just low- and middle-income people who find it difficult saving money — people who earn a lot say they also have trouble stashing money away.” [via VinTek]