>> The massive personal finance resource list <<
Brett has pulled together a ton of useful stuff here, including online money management tools, offline software, investing tools, spreadsheets, books, and more. Well worth bookmarking.

>> Getting Finances Done: Why you shouldn’t trust home mortgage lenders and mortgage calculators <<
“Banks will tell you that you can afford up to 41% of your gross income as debt (sometimes referred to as the front-end ratio) — If you earn $3,000 a month, you can afford to have $1,230 in debt. But trusting this advice is a big mistake. First of all, banks are self-interested. Taking on debt that’s 41% of your income is what the bank feels comfortable lending you, not what you really can afford. Borrowing the full amount that the bank is willing to lend is a sure way to get in over your head.”

>> MarketWatch: Rich don’t save either <<
“The low to no savings rate in the United States extends to rich people too. It isn’t just low- and middle-income people who find it difficult saving money — people who earn a lot say they also have trouble stashing money away.” [via VinTek]

>> Contest: How does donating to charity improve your well-being? <<
Plonkee is running a competition over at her site. To enter, tell her about your expriences donating to charity!

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