We’ve finally got some August-like weather here in Portland; maybe Kris’ tomatoes will ripen after all. While we work in the yard and declutter the house, here are some quick-and-easy money articles from around the web:

The DIY Maven at Curbly has 20 tips for shopping at the grocery store. You’ve heard many of these before, but it never hurts to review. Some of these should be mantras: Make a list! Eat first! Shop the perimeter!

I’m a huge fan of Quicken hacks, those little tricks that make it easier to work with this popular piece of personal finance software. Several months ago, I gathered and posted a collection of my favorites. Macworld has collated their top 10 Quicken tricks. While one is Mac-specific, I believe the others will work on the PC as well.

Finally, a couple of readers pointed out a nice anti-clutter strategy at 43folders. The clever hanger trick (developed by Peter Walsh, the author of It’s All Too Much) is a simple but effective way to track which clothes you really wear all the time, and which ought to be purged from your wardrobe.

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