Despite several recent posts on broad issues like the economy, Get Rich Slowly is a blog about personal finance. I have little interest or expertise regarding politics and economics. I’ve received e-mail about the Presidential campaign and about various tax schemes, but I don’t intend to post much (if anything) about these subjects because, frankly, I’m not interested in dogma. I’m interested in helping you save money day-to-day.

I will, however, occasionally point to articles at other sites. For example, Nickel recently wondered, “Would the Fair Tax gut the economy?” If you’re itching to discuss this, head over and join the conversation. Here are some other personal finance stories I’ve enjoyed lately:

  • Jacob at SuccessMinders has some tricks to avoid spending so much, all of which are variations on track every penny you spend. (I’ll confess that I love the concept of creating a “stupid” category in Quicken. This is like my “sin” category for tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc.)
  • Ever wonder about all those deductions from your paycheck? BxCapricorn at The Fine Art of Money has an excellent paycheck breakdown article in which he describes each item and its history.
  • Madame X at My Open Wallet has some thoughts about making choices between time and money. “Would you choose time over money, if your employer offered that option?” she asks. “How much money would you have to be making to consider trading some of it away for a less hectic work schedule? Which is worth more to you, money or time?”

Tonight I’m heading out roller-skating with friends. This is great, cheap fun — and it’s exercise, too! (I’m actually shocked by how many people are at the skating rink on a Saturday night. What is this? 1955?)

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