I’ve written before about my haphazard blogging method. On this computer, for example, I currently have open eight different browser windows, each with 8-10 tabs. Each of these tabs contains some page I think is worth sharing with Get Rich Slowly readers — someday. The trouble is I never find the time to write about all these great resources. So, inevitably, many of them find their way here, to the daily links.

For example, here’s a piece from Real Simple about how to negotiate anything. When they say “anything”, they really mean “the ten things we’ve listed here”, but still…this is a good companion to the negotiation articles at Get Rich Slowly recently.

“What would Buffett buy?” asked Business Week recently, describing a stock-screening tool that attempts to answer this question. The most recent version of the screen yielded sixty stocks. (My favorite? PepsiCo is on the list but not Coca-Cola. This is mildly amusing because of Buffett’s stake in Coke along with Coca-Cola. (Thanks, Derrick, for the correction.))

I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know how much money they should have saved by now. U.S. News & World Report recently ran the numbers to determine 401(k) savings by age-groups. They break the numbers down by salary and by job tenure. My retirement saving is actually about average, though I intend to increase it in the coming years. This is an interesting way to peek at how other people are doing.

Finally, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has been churning out great post after great post lately. Last Thursday he wrote about unintended consequences and money, citing the role ethanol has played in rising food prices. Be careful what you wish for… Earlier today Flexo wondered, “Is ‘follow your bliss’ good advice or bunk?” Great stuff.

Now it’s time for me to do some real spring cleaning. I’m going to purge my closet of some of those ratty clothes I’ve been holding onto…

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