Over at Free Money Finance, a guest poster recently wrote about how to save money with straight razor shaving. Because I’ve been at war with my facial hair for twenty years, I read this piece with interest. The author writes:

Straight razor shaving is like fly fishing: if your aim is to catch a fish or get a shave, you can get by with fairly inexpensive stuff, but if your goal is to pursue the ultimate in aesthetics and performance, you can get into some pretty pricey stuff.

Now, I don’t shave with a straight razor, but after reading Trent’s guide to shaving at The Simple Dollar last year, I did move to a safety razor. And while I concede that eventually I will recover the initial costs, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I intend to continue using my safety razor, but it’s not the end-all be-all that many advocates claim. It takes more time to use, it doesn’t shave as close as modern multi-blade razors (not on my face, anyhow), and it does not reduce nicks and cuts. It is, however, a pleasure to use. I used to hate shaving. Now I look forward to it. (This shaving cream is amazing.) But I want to see some real-world long-term numbers before I buy into the “shaving the old-fashioned way saves money” propaganda.

Here are some other money-saving suggestions I’ve found recently:

Last week, Rachael at Antithete explained how her family of five eats on $250 a month. She starts with a meal plan, then builds her grocrey list around it. Rachael may not be saving as much as the coupon queen, but I suspect her approach is more realistic for most people.

I’ve had many readers write to ask my opinion of Lifelock, the company that promises to protect you subscribers from identity theft. I don’t have an opinion of the firm because I don’t know much about them. But Annie sent me an article this morning that reveals Lifelock is the subject of several class-action lawsuits complaining that the service doesn’t do what it claims to do. (In March, I posted an article about how to prevent identity theft.)

Finally, gardening season is in full bloom across most of the Northern Hemisphere, and that means the battle against weeds has begun. It’s not difficult to spend a small fortune on herbicides. But first you might want to visit This Garden is Illegal to check out Hanna’s list of seven deadly homemade weed killers. You may be able to kill weeds and save money at the same time!

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