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Meanwhile, here are some other sites around the web that you might want to explore:

First up, Adam at Man vs. Debt has a tip for those who struggle with credit-card problems. He says you should sleeve your cards to fight impulse spending. Several people have mentioned this method of money management to me before, but this is the most extensive article I’ve seen on the subject. If you have trouble with credit cards, check this out.

Has this recession reached its bottom? Nobody knows for sure, of course, but The New York Times reports that where home prices crashed early, there are signs of a rebound. The article specifically looks at the housing market in Sacramento, and notes that in normal conditions (as in: “not a recession”), this would be a seller’s market. I’ve heard other whispers that other people are beginning to see the sun through the storm clouds. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, at Five Cent Nickel, Matt describes an experiment that he and his wife are conducting. Every Saturday, they’re striving to live “off the grid”, with no lights, no furnace, and no television. They’re not doing strict “off the grid” living, but taking baby steps in that direction. This is a thoughtful article, worth reading if you’ve considered this for yourself.

Finally, Trent at The Simple Dollar has released another e-book, Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on Just One Page. This book actually contains 49 pages of material culled from the archives at The Simple Dollar, and packaged in a free PDF. Free is a very good price!

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