I’ve written before that I’m not a natural handyman. I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to develop those skills. We’ve been working with contractors all spring to do repairs around the house, and the constant drain on the pocketbook is beginning to hurt. I’d rather do some of this work myself. (Of course the reason we need to hire these folks is that the previous owner did a lot of the work himself — and he did a crummy job.)

Let’s think about happier finance stories, shall we? Here are some recent money articles that have caught my eye:

Have I mentioned that Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity has my favorite blog right now? He does. I enjoy following his adventures as he travels the world, but I also think he does a great job of discussing topics more relevant to my own life. Today he writes about sufficiency, the state of having enough. “For me, the most important principle of personal finance is self-awareness,” Chris writes. “To become self-aware, it helps to know exactly what sufficiency looks like for you.” This is a great post.

Yahoo! HotJobs has a quick list of 8 fast-growing, high-paying jobs. If you’re looking for new work, you might want to check this out. Several of the careers are computer/tech-related. The list also includes physician’s assistant, plumber, and media buyer.

Kris and I recently went to see Up, the new animated film from Pixar. I loved it. I thought about writing a short post discussing the movie’s message that you should not postpone your dreams, but Lucia at moneyStrands has already done it for me. She writes: “We often dream about things like going on our fantasy vacation, paying off student loans or buying a brand new car, yet unexpected expenses and mishaps in life always seem to get in the way. So what can we do to better prepare ourselves financially so that we have an emergency fund but can still save for a vacation? Create a financial plan!

Finally, David at MoneyNing has some thoughts on how not to worry about money. He has a good life and his finances are solid, but he still worries about money sometimes. This is interesting. I, too, worry about money even though my financial situation has never been better. I think we all worry. How can we learn to just let go? (Maybe this is what I need to do with our remodeling projects!)

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