Spare Change

  • Spare Change: The sweet emotion edition (43 comments)

    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. Last month in an Ask the Readers post, I wrote about money worries: "Even though my expenses are manageable, even though I have money in savings, even ...Read more »

  • Spare change: Spending studies, money hacks, and Tina Turner (23 comments)

    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. I tried to finish my Christmas shopping early, both to avoid crowds and to save money. For instance, my gift to my youngest niece was a baking kit. The g...Read more »

  • Spare change: The “I wear your granddad’s clothes” edition (30 comments)

    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. Readers, you're about to witness me use dated vocabulary, talk about gas prices, and reveal my love of the elbow patch. You might wonder if it's actually...Read more »

  • Spare Change: willpower, shutdowns, and mugshots (23 comments)

    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. Here are the random money-related links that have piqued my interest lately. First up, we'll look at why willpower is never enough. 1. What's my motivat...Read more »

  • Spare Change: The no-theme edition (14 comments)

    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. Normally for these Spare Change posts, I like to collect a bunch of money-related links and group them by theme. But I've been too scatterbrained latel...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Housing edition (33 comments)

    This post is by staff writer April Dykman. For the last seven months, my husband and I have been renovating our new home. But before that, we spent months searching for the right house. There were a ...Read more »

  • Spare change: Identity theft edition (32 comments)

    Several years ago, my husband and I went on our annual family camping trip in Terlingua, Texas, right outside of Big Bend National Park. As usual, on our way out, we stopped in Alpine to gas up. My d...Read more »

  • Spare change: Credit card edition (42 comments)

    This post is from staff writer April Dykman. They got me during my freshman year of college. I was walking back to my dorm, just an unsuspecting university student, and a guy with a clipboard approa...Read more »

  • Spare Change: The free, cheap, and paying extra edition (18 comments)

    This post is from staff writer April Dykman. I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm in the process of renovating a house. This includes a complete kitchen remodel, new fireplace, drywall to repla...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Fun Money Edition (13 comments)

    Hello, friends. How are things? It's been a long time since I wrote regularly at Get Rich Slowly, but you know what? I kind of have the itch to share more stories about personal finance. I've been wri...Read more »

  • Spare change: The financial literacy edition (20 comments)

    This post is from staff writer April Dykman. If you read Get Rich Slowly regularly, you probably know that this is Financial Literacy Month. And my inbox has been filled with press releases about ...Read more »

  • Spare change: Cheap and fast fitness edition (27 comments)

    This post is by staff writer April Dykman. As many longtime readers know, GRS founder J.D. Roth used to write "Spare Change" posts, which were a quick round-up of personal finance articles from aroun...Read more »

  • Make more money as a subject matter expert (33 comments)

    I spend a lot of time working. I have my day job, first of all. I also have a demanding side hustle in addition to writing here. I've spent most of my working life like this. I like working and lea...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Staff Writer Audition Edition (4 comments)

    As you've all noticed by now, we're in the thick of another round of staff writer auditions here at Get Rich Slowly. I never made a formal call for staff writers; instead, I just quietly accepted subm...Read more »

  • What Your Loose Change is Really Worth (82 comments)

    For the next week (or two), we'll be sharing "audition" pieces from folks interested in being new staff writers at Get Rich Slowly. Your job is to let us know what you think of each of these writers. ...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Busy Man Edition (14 comments)

    It's been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a batch of links. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I've been so wrapped up in my personal life lately. Speaking of which: What am I actually doing nowadays,...Read more »

  • Dollar Coins: Or, In Other Words, a New Tax (155 comments)

    This post is by staff writer Sarah Gilbert. "You need 75 more cents!" the woman at our favorite burger joint, Little Big Burger, said brightly after I sent my 9-year-old to order another serving of...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Video Contest Edition (23 comments)

    Today's the day! As of now, readers like you can submit entries to the third annual Get Rich Slowly video contest. Share your secrets of financial success and have a chance to win $500. All it takes i...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Preparing for Patagonia Edition (68 comments)

    This morning, Kris and I signed our divorce papers. (They won't be filed until I've been approved for health insurance, however.) Tomorrow, she and I fly to Buenos Aires to begin three weeks exploring...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Submit Your Story Edition (32 comments)

    Like a hibernating bear, I feel like I'm waking from a long winter's nap. For the past few months, I've been dormant, not just at Get Rich Slowly but at my other sites as well. I've had so much happen...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Building a Tower Edition (19 comments)

    For me, the past few months have been transformative. There have been some monumental changes in my mindset, which have begun to be reflected in my everyday life. Some of these changes are public &mda...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Reader Submissions Edition (16 comments)

    When I returned from Peru, my inbox had nearly 1000 messages to be processed. That actually wasn't so bad — I was expecting more. Still, as you might imagine, it takes days to answer 1000 messag...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Missing Person Edition (9 comments)

    Most of the time, I use these weekly links round-ups as a chance to share bits and pieces about non-financial aspects of my life. Today's a bit different. Today's edition features a bit of a public se...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Time to Travel Edition (12 comments)

    I was disappointed when I had to cancel my planned trip to England last month. I'd been looking forward to hiking across the country, and to visiting several GRS readers. It worked out for the best, t...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Game of Thrones Edition (48 comments)

    Years ago, a friend of mine tried to convince me to read A Game of Thrones, a fantasy novel by George R. R. Martin. I gave it a go, but it never really grabbed me. I'm no prude (far from it!), but the...Read more »

  • Spare Change: WDS 2012 Edition (44 comments)

    Earlier this year, I helped put together the World Domination Summit, a conference of writers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and other folks who want to change the world, both for themselves and others. T...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Non-Political Edition (36 comments)

    As expected, ...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Gaming Geek Edition (22 comments)

    I'm exhausted. I spent the entire weekend (from Thursday through Sunday) embracing my inner nerd, surrounded by tens of thousands of other nerds doing nerdy things. At the invitation of Adam Baker (wh...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Canadian Rockies Edition (14 comments)

    This week, Kris and I are spending time with her family in Banff, Alberta, which is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The scenery is spectacular, and there's lots of stuff to do. We've hik...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Help a Reporter Edition (18 comments)

    As I do from time to time, I've agreed to help a reporter who is working on a couple of stories. To that end, I'm looking for a reader (or two — or more) who would be willing to chat with somebo...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Mondo Beyondo Edition (29 comments)

    After a month of hemming and hawing, I've finally made a decision about where to travel next. After a brief stop to see Adam Baker in Indianapolis, I'll spend most of August wandering around England. ...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Reader Requests Edition (113 comments)

    Ah, summer. Warm weather, food on the grill, watermelon...and writer's block. As happens every summer, the creative juices have taken a vacation — not just for me, but for other GRS writers as w...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Contrary Farmer Edition (33 comments)

    Long, long ago — before Get Rich Slowly was even a gleam in my eye — I was a fan of Wendell Berry and folks like him, including Gene Logsdon, "the contrary farmer". In fact, I have a copy ...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Travel Itch Edition (109 comments)

    Over the past couple of years, I've begun to travel. Kris and I have been traveling in groups, but that's expensive and leaves me feeling isolated from the cultures we visit. I have the itch to travel...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Investment Research Edition (11 comments)

    Based on GRS reader prompting, I'm continuing to learn more about asset allocation and rebalancing. I'm trying to decide what my portfolio should look like. I recently had a free consultation wit...Read more »

  • Spare Change: RV Parking Edition (27 comments)

    As many of you know, former GRS staff writer Adam Baker — aka the Babe Ruth of blogging — has spent the last few months on a cross-country RV tour. Adam and Courtney and three-year-old Milli have ...Read more »

  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Spurned? What to Do with Pockets Full of Change (173 comments)

    This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money. She also writes about frugality, intentional living, and life in general at her own blog, Survi...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Strange Degrees Edition (31 comments)

    Whenever I write about the value of a college education, I get complaints from folks who argue that they have a degree in X, but now they're working in completely unrelated field Y. "My degree is usel...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Fitness Fanatic Edition (43 comments)

    For me, last year was The Year of Fitness. I spent all of 2010 focused on losing weight, building muscle, and generally improving my overall health. I had great success. And since the end of the year,...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Colored Comments Edition (68 comments)

    Great news, everyone. By popular request, comment numbering is back! When we moved to threaded comments last month, we lost numbered comments. While I think everyone loves the threaded comments (so mu...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Turtles vs. Rabbits Edition (42 comments)

    Blarg! The deadline for this year's video contest was Sunday night, but we may have run into some technical difficulties. Some folks are reporting that their submissions were reported as "received", b...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Contest Deadline Extended Edition (24 comments)

    You know, sometimes I'm an idiot. When I scheduled this year's Get Rich Slowly video contest, I basically just copied all of the parameters from last year. That makes sense, right? No reason to re-inv...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Twilight Edition (18 comments)

    I haven't read (or seen) Twilight, but Forbes magazine thinks the fictional characters in that universe have read Get Rich Slowly! According to a recent Forbes slideshow listing the richest characters...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Contest Reminder Edition (7 comments)

    Here's your weekly reminder that the 2011 Get Rich Slowly Video Contest is under way. We have a few entries, but to be honest: If you're willing to take the time to produce a two-minute video about m...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Cockeyed Edition (23 comments)

    Last week, I wrote about the dismal odds you face when trying to play the lottery. That article included a lottery simulator built by the GRS technical elves, a widget inspired by the lottery simulato...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Marketplace Money Edition (17 comments)

    Just a reminder that the 2011 Get Rich Slowly Video Contest is under way. As last year, entries have begun to trickle in. If 2010 is any indication, these will turn into a torrent by the time the cont...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Miscellaneous Flotch Edition (11 comments)

    When I was in high school, my friend Sparky and I invented a new word: "flotch". To us, flotch was just miscellaneous baggage, whether or physical or mental. In GRS parlance, it was Stuff. Ever since ...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Blog Continuity Edition (43 comments)

    I've tried something new at Get Rich Slowly lately. Several years ago, my friend Sparky gave some feedback about the site. "There are lots of great discussions in the comments," he said, "but you n...Read more »

  • Spare Change: First 5k Edition (29 comments)

    It's been a while since I posted a fitness update around here. I've been a little scared to — some of you hate them! More than that, though, I've had a nagging injury. I've still been able to do...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Paranormal Romance Edition (7 comments)

    Last week, Novelr profiled Amanda Hocking, whom they dubbed the very rich indie writer. Hocking is a 26-year-old woman who writes "paranormal romance" novels and publishes them herself through Amazon'...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Tweetchat Today! Edition (2 comments)

    Wow. No matter how much I try to prepare, coming back from a long vacation is always a lot of work. It's very difficult, for instance, to sort through hundreds of e-mail messages to find the ones that...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Countdown to Africa Edition (28 comments)

    Ohmyword. I always forget how much work goes into getting ready for a vacation. Although I've been quiet on the blog this week, I'm working like a madman behind the scenes to be sure there's plenty of...Read more »

  • Spare Change: The King is Dead Edition (20 comments)

    O, happy day! The FedEx man brought me a package this morning containing The King is Dead, the new record album from The Decemberists. The Decemberists are a Portland band, and have been my favorite g...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Help a Reporter Edition (27 comments)

    From time to time, reporters contact me for help on their stories. But often, I'm not the person they want to talk to. The person they want to talk to is you. This week, I've connected with two report...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Stock-Market Genius Edition (17 comments)

    I'm a stock-market genius! On December 1st, I wrote about an idiotic USA Today article, which tried to convince readers that investing on the first day of the month was a sound strategy. "Stock inv...Read more »

  • Spare Change: World Domination Edition (14 comments)

    As the days turn dark and cold, 2010 is winding its way to a close and 2011 is fast approaching. It's been a great year for me, but I'm looking forward to more progress in the months ahead. One exc...Read more »

  • Spare Change: So Many Stories, So Little Time (38 comments)

    Some weeks, there's just too much to write about. This is one of those weeks. [Notice that I've fixed the grievous typo; no need to tell me about it again!] Not only is my brain percolating with my ow...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Faster Stronger Farther Edition (25 comments)

    This afternoon I did a very non-J.D. thing. I drove to Duniway Park here in Portland, and I timed myself to see how fast I can run a mile. After nearly six months of Crossfit and nearly 40 pounds lost...Read more »

  • Spare Change: Multi-Author Blog Edition (23 comments)

    On April's post this morning, Shannon left a comment: "Does JD even write on this blog anymore?" Of course I still write here! I was on vacation for most of October, but since returning on October 25t...Read more »

  • Personal Finance Links: Domain Speculation Edition (46 comments)

    A few people have asked, so I thought I'd confirm that I still hope to re-launch my "making money from a blog" project in January. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's a brief look at some of the drama behin...Read more »

  • Ozzie and Harriet’s Halloween Party (5 comments)

    Every few months, I browse over at the Internet Archives to see if any new public-domain money movies have been posted. I love those old videos, and try to share whatever I find. I checked for new ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Facebook Fan Page Edition (10 comments)

    Sometimes I'm slow on the uptake. It took me a long time to start using Facebook to stay in touch with my friends, and it took even longer to set up a Facebook page for Get Rich Slowly. And it's taken...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Packing Puzzles Edition (59 comments)

    Kris and I are in the final stages of preparing for our trip to France and Italy. We've packed, the housesitter is arranged, and one of us (hint: not me) has learned a bit of French. All that's left i...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Holiday Weekend Edition (14 comments)

    Labor Day weekend begins tomorrow afternoon in the U.S. It's the traditional end-of-summer holiday, and most folks will get Monday off as a paid holiday. My own vacation is going to be a bit different...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Family Crisis Edition (18 comments)

    I've been a little quiet around here the last couple of days, and I apologize. I usually aim for the Monday post at GRS to be a J.D. post; and if the Monday post isn't from me, then I certainly want f...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Size 32 Edition (37 comments)

    I did a semi-unfrugal thing today. I drove to Costco to buy a new pair of pants. While I was there, I bought a new shirt. I've lost a lot of weight this year, you see; but more than that, I've lost a ...Read more »

  • Daily Links and a Call for Blog Requests (177 comments)

    As you'll read tomorrow (or Monday), I've entered a new phase in my life. After years of hard work and long hours building this blog (time that I've enjoyed), I've been shifting things around so that ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Ain’t No Sunshine Edition (28 comments)

    I know I've whined about the weather several times in the past, but I'm going to do it again. This is the coolest, wettest spring I can ever remember. We've had a handful of sunny days, but that's it....Read more »

  • Daily Links: Daily Routine Edition (29 comments)

    For the first time in more than a year, I feel as if my life is under control. I'm getting things done that need to get done. I have balance. After being overwhelmed for so long, the book stuff is win...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Outsourcing, Intentional Default, and The Simple Dollar (13 comments)

    It's been a long time since I share links to other sites. That's a shame, because there's a lot of great stuff out there. Lately, I've been impressed with some articles from some of your fellow GRS re...Read more »

  • Highlights from Four Years of Get Rich Slowly (33 comments)

    Four years ago today, I started a new blog. Inspired by the success of a popular post at my personal site, I sat down to create what I thought would be the first personal-finance blog on the internet....Read more »

  • Daily Links: Empire Builder Edition (6 comments)

    Howdy, everyone. I'm writing to you from my sleeper compartment aboard Amtrak's Empire Builder train, which runs from Chicago to Portland. Chris Guillebeau and I have been traveling westward for 24 ho...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Answers and Myths Edition (22 comments)

    As many of you have noticed, my book is making its way into stores. Your Money: The Missing Manual is now shipping from Amazon, and should find its way into brick-and-mortar bookstores over the coming...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Inbox Zero Edition (16 comments)

    I did it! After months of struggling and hours upon hours of typing, I've finally reached that mythical state of Inbox Zero. My inbox is empty — or nearly so. (I still have a handful of messages...Read more »

  • Carnival of Personal Finance #243: Valentine’s Day Edition (54 comments)

    Welcome to the 243rd Carnival of Personal Finance! What in the world does that mean? Well, a blog carnival is a weekly round-up of articles on a particular subject (in this case, money). The carniv...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Extreme Editing Edition (28 comments)

    Haha. Here I thought that once I finished my manuscript I'd magically have more time to write at Get Rich Slowly. That'll happen soon, but I'm not there yet. Turns out editing is just as much work as ...Read more »

  • Links Roundup: No Credit Needed Edition (36 comments)

    Work on Your Money: The Missing Manual continues apace. I've finished the first seven chapters (happiness, goals, budgets, debt, frugality, income, and banking) and have just begun on chapter eight, w...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Frequent Flyer Master Edition (20 comments)

    As many of you know, my pal Chris Guillebeau is crazy. He's been to 119 countries, and he just keeps on flying. He wants to see them all before he turns 35 (in April 2013). As you can imagine, Chri...Read more »

  • Daily Links: 11,643 Words Edition (10 comments)

    Whew! It took a long time — nine days instead of the scheduled seven — but I finally finished the frugality chapter for my book. Do you know how difficult it is to compress that topic into...Read more »

  • Daily Links: A Fool and His Money Edition (15 comments)

    On April Fools' Day 2007, I posted a tongue-in-cheek article describing the lifestyles of the rich and stupid. This list of the dumb things people do with money in one of the most popular posts I've e...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Record Day Edition (12 comments)

    It looks as if today will be a record day for traffic at Get Rich Slowly! The current record is 48,244 visitors on 31 July 2007 (while we were on our trip to London and New York). 08 January 2008 is a...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Sisters of the Road Edition (13 comments)

    Many GRS readers have urged me to take a more active role in charity and giving back to my local community. So when my friend and colleague Chris Guillebeau asked me if I'd be willing to help with a l...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Hermit Mode Edition (10 comments)

    I'm in full-on hermit mode for the next few days. Kris is out of town — on a road-trip with friends — and I'm devoting every waking hour to my book. (Well, I'll walk the marathon on Sunday...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Paperback Writer Edition (13 comments)

    At long last, work has begun on my first book. The outline is complete, the contract approved, and writing has commenced. It's a little overwhelming. Writing for GRS everyday has taught me to create s...Read more »

  • Weekend Links: Rants and Raves Edition (15 comments)

    Kris and I are in the middle of a long weekend of food and friends. Every autumn is like this, and we love it. We're starting earlier than normal this year, and I hope that's a harbinger of things to ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Bringing the Bling Edition (52 comments)

    An Australian credit card site has compiled a list of the top 25 most badass personal finance bloggers. What does it take to be a badass personal finance blogger? I have no idea. "Badass" is not a ter...Read more »

  • A Tightwad’s Lament (and Daily Links) (36 comments)

    Ah, the tribulations of a tightwad — they are many. On Monday, I walked a mile-and-a-half to the hardware store to buy some 1/2-inch washers, nuts, and bolts. (Remember: I'm trying to walk 5-...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Walking on Sunshine Edition (25 comments)

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my new-found love of alternate transportation, particularly walking. I wish I could convey exactly how much choosing to walk everywhere has changed my life for the...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Fear of the Future Edition (13 comments)

    I feel like I've had a huge burst of creativity and productivity over the past ten days. It's been awesome. I hope you've been getting a lot out of the articles, too. My pace will slow soon, howev...Read more »

  • Return of the Daily Links (30 comments)

    It's been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a group of daily links. I'm not sure why I got out of the habit. Maybe I thought you didn't like them? In any event, daily links — which might be more apt...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money and Power Edition (18 comments)

    It's been a long time since I pimped my fitness blog, Get Fit Slowly. To be honest, I haven't been writing there very much. I've been busy with this site. But I'm sort of proud and amused by the right...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Worry, Planning, and Sufficiency (25 comments)

    I've written before that I'm not a natural handyman. I'm thinking that maybe it's time to develop those skills. We've been working with contractors all spring to do repairs around the house, and the c...Read more »

  • Daily Links: GRS Site Survey Edition (19 comments)

    Over the past few weeks, I've been making changes to Get Rich Slowly to make it more accessible to you, the reader. Now it's time to take a look at the content side of things. If you have a spare mome...Read more »

  • The Wall Street Journal: Get Rich Slowly Readers Are Awesome! (29 comments)

    For years, I've said that Get Rich Slowly has the best readers and commenters on the web. I often think that I get more from your contributions than you get from mine. I'm not the only one who has not...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Gentle June Edition (14 comments)

    My April was manic. I was very busy, both with the blog and in Real Life. I swore to improve things in May, but it never happened. But this time I mean it! I'm going to do less in June. I want to focu...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Health, Investing, and Disasters (9 comments)

    I had a colonoscopy today. Though 40 is young to elect to have this procedure, my family has a history of cancer (including some colon cancer). The older I get, the more I come to understand how impor...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Off to Orlando Edition (27 comments)

    I'll be making a quick trip to Orlando, Florida this week. T. Rowe Price and Disney are unveiling a financial literacy project, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and I've been invited to take a first-ha...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Site Maintenance Edition (5 comments)

    A quick word of warning: Get Rich Slowly will be undergoing site maintenance on Friday Monday, and may be sporadically unavailable. Please be patient. We'll try to have everything back to normal as so...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Yard Work Edition (7 comments)

    It's that time of year: Kris and I spent most of the weekend working in the yard. We planted out the vegetable garden, but most of our time was spent pruning seemingly endless shrubbery. I'm not compl...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Taxes and Gold Edition (12 comments)

    Part of the fun of Get Rich Slowly is writing about a variety of topics, basic and advanced. Though I'm an advocate of financial literacy, I'm not certain that I want to devote the entire month of Apr...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Making Money Edition (47 comments)

    Building wealth involves two broad skill-sets: cutting costs and increasing income. Most personal finance blogs — including this one — tend to focus on the former. Frugality tips have broa...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Working Vacation Edition (22 comments)

    As you may have noticed, I'm running a heavy dose of guest posts for the next couple of weeks. I'm very busy at the moment (including a business trip to San Francisco and a weekend vacation to central...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Predatory Shopping Edition (15 comments)

    I have a stack of half-written stories for Get Rich Slowly. Last January, for example, I started a post about "predatory shopping", which is a term my friend Rhonda used to describe her behavior recen...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Working for the Weekend Edition (12 comments)

    I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. Rumor has it the sun will make an appearance in Portland, which means Kris and I can do some more gardening. I'll also be able to mow the lawn for the first time ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Real World Edition (13 comments)

    A reporter from The Washington Post contacted me earlier today, writing: "I'm looking for folks whose salaries or wages have not been growing much in recent years, and how they have adjusted over the ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Free Money Edition (10 comments)

    Too many open browser tabs! I've found a lot of good stuff lately, and I can't devote full blog posts to all of it. All the same, I have to close some of these tabs. Here then are a few of the most in...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Turn on Your Radio Edition (6 comments)

    Last month, I was a guest on Frugal Coast2Coast [listen here], a BlogTalkRadio program. I enjoyed chatting with Jenn and Lynnae, so when Jim from Bargaineering suggested that he and I team up to try a...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Great Lessons Edition (10 comments)

    My guest-post marathon continues! During my recent prolific streak, I churned out a bunch of articles for other sites. These stories have been appearing over the past two weeks, and another one went u...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Calm Before the Storm Edition (14 comments)

    It amuses me that the quietest weeks on the surface of Get Rich Slowly are the most tumultuous underneath. The blog entries this week have been mild, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes....Read more »

  • Daily Links: Hard Times Edition (21 comments)

    I've been on a productive tear lately. I've banked a lot of future Get Rich Slowly posts, but still have more in me. As a result, I'm starting to share guest posts with other sites, something I haven'...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Kindle Edition (48 comments)

    I was looking at my personal library last night, and marveling at how many books we have. Despite my reduced spending on them, and despite the fact that we've sold many back to bookstores, we still ha...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Frugal Coast2Coast Edition (6 comments)

    Here's another reason to track every penny you spend: When the world gets crazy and you find that your weekly financial session slips by, and then so does a second week, you still don't fall behind. I...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Ready for Spring Edition (16 comments)

    The older I get, the more I crave the sun. I'm a life-long Oregonian, and I love the place, but I'm beginning to understand why people move to Phoenix. Or Miami. Or San Bernardino. This morning's four...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Out on a Limb Edition (20 comments)

    It's a sad day here at Rosings Park (as Kris and I call our half-acre). We have a big old English walnut tree that acts as the centerpiece of our yard. Unfortunately, it's become diseased over the pas...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Best Job in the World Edition (26 comments)

    What an amazingly productive week I've had — and it's only Tuesday! After two weeks off to care for personal matters, it feels great to be back in the swing of things. I've written a lot, and re...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Hard at Work Edition (15 comments)

    Normally when I share link roundups, I write something interesting or pithy in the opening. I have nothing interesting or pithy to say today. I'm still in the midst of my flood of work, and won't be a...Read more »

  • Daily Links: 20th Anniversary Edition (19 comments)

    It's been a rough week for me. The death of my friend Sparky has dominated my thoughts and actions. It's been good to spend time with his friends and family, though, and to see how much he affected th...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Inauguration Day Edition (31 comments)

    Thanks for your support over the past few days. It means a lot to me. The first memorial service for my friend Sparky is tomorrow afternoon, and there will be another one next week. Actual blog po...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Twitter Time Edition (17 comments)

    I think that maybe I finally have this Twitter thing figured out. Though I've had an account for a while, I've never really known what to do with it. Over the past few days, it's beginning to make sen...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Down But Not Out Edition (18 comments)

    Our book group read Main Street by Sinclair Lewis this month. The discussion yesterday was excellent, exploring ideas of poverty, class mobility, and the nature of success. Coincidentally, I've stumbl...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Student Economics Edition (18 comments)

    My three-week vacation is officially over. I had a relaxing time, though I didn't even start on my primary goal (writing my book proposal). Instead, I rested and recharged my batteries, which was prob...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Moxie Edition (9 comments)

    After nearly two weeks of vacation, I'm itching to get back to work. Still, my actual return date isn't until next Monday. I've read a half dozen personal finance books (and written notes on several f...Read more »

  • Daily Links: End-of-the-Year Edition (11 comments)

    Ah, the last week of the year. It's time to review past triumphs (and failures), and to plan for future goals. It's also time to think about taxes. Though yesterday was Christmas, I took some time...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Holiday Tipping Edition (11 comments)

    Though "on vacation", I'm actually hard at work. I've read three sample book proposals (including the proposal Leo from Zen Habits used for his new book, The Power of Less), finished two books on how ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Christmas Vacation Edition (12 comments)

    Thanks to your fellow Get Rich Slowly readers, I've amassed enough guest posts to take a short break. For the next two weeks, I will be posting articles from other writers. I'll still be around, worki...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Buy and Hold Edition (25 comments)

    I apologize for being scarce around here lately. I came down with a bug on Monday, and have been in bed with a high fever ever since. Not only has this prevented me from writing, but I haven't answere...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Trial by Fire Edition (16 comments)

    Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, has a new television show debuting on The History Channel tonight. "Trial by Fire" can be seen at 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central, 9pm Mountain, and 11pm Pacific...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Allergic-to-Bees Edition (32 comments)

    While pressure-washing the sidewalk on Friday, I disturbed a nest of bees (or hornets or wasps — they're all the same to me). Two of them stung my right hand. Within 24 hours, it had swollen lik...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Stuffed Turkey Edition (18 comments)

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing a series of guest posts, as well as some updated favorites from the past. I'll be back on Monday with lots of new...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Homemade Cars and Urban Farming (14 comments)

    Last week I appeared on a local television news magazine to discuss approaches to a frugal Christmas. I was able to make use of several reader suggestions — thank you! All of these recent public...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Circus Animals Edition (29 comments)

    I was shocked to read about another recent victim of the economic crisis. Mother's Cookies filed for bankruptcy last month, closing its doors and turning off the ovens. Why is this sad news? Mother's ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Housekeeping Edition (33 comments)

    No personal finance links tonight! I need to take care of some housekeeping before we move on to talk more about money management. Television appearances For those of you in the Portland area, I'l...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Public Speaking Edition (12 comments)

    Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation at the library yesterday. Speaking to an audience isn't one of my natural strengths, but I had a lot of fun, and I'm eager to improve for the future. Nex...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money and Relationships (16 comments)

    Kimberly Palmer, U.S. News and World Report's Alpha Consumer, dropped me a line over the weekend. For an upcoming article, she'd like to interview someone who has struggled over whether to lend money ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Facebook (and Twitter) Edition (25 comments)

    For a tech geek, I can certainly be slow on the uptake sometimes. How long has Facebook been around? One year? Two? I've had a profile page for a while, but never done anything with it until recently....Read more »

  • Daily Links: Get Out the Vote Edition (21 comments)

    You might have noticed that Get Rich Slowly has been conspicuously silent about tomorrow's Presidential election. There are reasons for that. I try to keep politics and religion out of this blog, exce...Read more »

  • Daily Links: 5k5k Edition (40 comments)

    From time-to-time, I like to highlight GRS-reader projects. Chett wrote to share an idea he's trying to get off the ground. 5k5k is a fitness and financial challenge. He's looking for people to commit...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Fall Color Edition (23 comments)

    By mid-October, the rains have usually come to Oregon. Not this year. It's been bright and clear and sunny. The days are amazing. As a result, we're getting unusually beautiful fall color in the trees...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Speaking Engagement Edition (15 comments)

    Hey, Portlanders! On Saturday, November 15th, I'll be speaking at Multnomah County's central library, discussing personal finance and blogging as part of the "Writers Talking" series. I'd love to see ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: One Show Edition (113 comments)

    Since drastically curtailing our cable television, Kris and I have been catching shows via Netflix and the iTunes Music Store. We currently watch Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, and The Office. What one...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Free Quicken Edition (23 comments)

    There have been two big announcements about personal finance tools this week, but I've been too busy to write full posts about them. First up, Quicken Online is now free. I previewed this personal...Read more »

  • Daily Links: 200 Comments Edition (15 comments)

    Wow. What the heck got into you guys? Nearly 200 comments on the cash stash question? Amazing! I wish I could bottle that energy for future posts on topics like 401(k)s or certificates of deposit. Per...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Personal Bailout Edition (24 comments)

    While a friend babysits our four cats, Kris and I are enjoying a short vacation in northwest Washington. All around this small town, people are buzzing about the economy. Nobody's panicking. Instead, ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: City Slickers Edition (13 comments)

    Some GRS readers have noted that some of my tips are geared toward country folk, or at least those with a little bit of land. They'd like more information for urban dwellers. I'll try to offer more su...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Better Things to Do With My Money Edition (13 comments)

    Thanks for all the comments in the $22 movie thread. At first I felt picked on (though I deserved it — I'm the bonehead who spent $14.75 on snacks), but enough repetition has finally beat a poin...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Way Too Cheap Edition (38 comments)

    While at the grocery store the other day, Kris and I witnessed an act that crossed the line from frugal to cheap. We were in the toiletries aisle, shopping for toothbrushes, when a man wandered up to ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Greed at the Gym Edition (35 comments)

    While I was on the treadmill at the gym this morning, I eavesdropped on the two old men behind me. They were talking about the current market meltdown. "It's all because of greed," one of the guys sai...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Work Ethic Edition (10 comments)

    This week has been amazing. Since removing World of Warcraft from my computer (and making a couple of other similar changes in my life), I've been tackling my responsibilities with a fervor. It's almo...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Little Big Edition (22 comments)

    A few readers expressed concern that the recent two-part series about credit cards signals some sort of sea change at Get Rich Slowly. That's not my intent. I get a lot of questions about credit c...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Eleven Dollars of Fun Edition (14 comments)

    I had a great time last night, and it only cost me eleven bucks. A friend asked if I wanted to join him to watch the Portland Timbers, our local minor-league soccer team. "Sure," I said, though I wasn...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Question and Answer Edition (10 comments)

    Want to know a little more about me and my financial philosophy? Check out an interview I did recently with Carrie and Danielle. Carrie and Danielle are all about "style statements", defining who you ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Nice Work If You Can Get It (8 comments)

    I met with my accountant today to review the Get Rich Slowly business finances. Things are going well, but there are lots of little details that I need to work on. I'm a writer, not a bookkeeper, so s...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Kids, Debt, and Renting to Own (11 comments)

    Strange weather here in Oregon's Willamette Valley. We had a nice mid-August hot spell, which is to be expected, but ever since, it's looked very much like autumn: rain, wind, and clouds. Coupled with...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Frugal Tips Edition (3 comments)

    Most of my on-line financial reading lately has been about frugality and saving money. I think I'm subconsciously avoiding investment articles because I know I have to make some big decisions regardin...Read more »

  • Daily Links: GRS Forums Edition (12 comments)

    The Get Rich Slowly discussion forums generate a lot of great conversations in which readers do their best to help each other. Alas, I don't get a chance to stop by as much as I'd like. Fortunately, f...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Emergency Funds, Job Offers, and a One-Dollar House (15 comments)

    Though I've been preaching the mantra "nobody cares more about your money than you do" lately, my favorite personal finance saying remains "do what works for you". There are a lot of people out th...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Grocery Shopping, Stuff, and the Value of a College Education (23 comments)

    Now that I'm back to writing full-time after a couple weeks off, I'm overwhelmed by the things I have to share. I don't know where to begin. And while I was busy with other priorities, you folks kept ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Back to Work Edition (17 comments)

    Thanks, everyone, for your patience over the past week. I'm pleased to report that my mother is doing well. She'll remain in the hospital for another week at least, but she'll be home soon enough. We'...Read more »

  • Daily Links: First Book Edition (4 comments)

    I am an avid reader. I love books. I believe that literacy is one of the most important gifts we can give our youth. First Book is a charity that provides children from low-income families the opportu...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Safe Banks, Pets, and Financial Literacy (24 comments)

    "Are we a nation of financial illiterates?" asks Stephen J. Dubner over at the Freakonomics blog. Yes, he answers. And no. High school students are getting more economics education than ever before, y...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Chocolate Chip Cookies Edition (13 comments)

    My wife isn't a big blog reader. She reads my sites and the sites of our friends, but that's about it. Recently, though, she's become hooked on two new blogs: This Garden is Illegal (which I've mentio...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Too Many Good Articles Edition (14 comments)

    I keep finding articles for these link roundups that are worthy of entire posts. The trouble is: they're not the sort of thing I usually write about. For example, I recently discovered an essay from 1...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Wii Death Edition (10 comments)

    At a couple of my other sites, I've mentioned that our Nintendo Wii died recently. "What happened?" people have been asking. "How did it die?" I don't actually know what caused the problem, but it sto...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Secluded Spot Edition (22 comments)

    When we were in England last year, I came to love the quiet secluded spaces I found in certain parks and gardens. It occurred to me that if I were creative, I might be able to create such a spot on ou...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Food and Inflation Edition (6 comments)

    Even writers need a break. I spent the long holiday weekend doing all sorts of things — but I didn't write a word. I did a lot of other stuff instead: Kris and I spent many hours in the yar...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Scott Burns and Quality Edition (6 comments)

    On Thursday I'll be interviewing personal finance columnist Scott Burns. Burns may be best-known for his "Couch Potato" investment portfolio. He's also the brains behind Asset Builder and the co-autho...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Mileage Reimbursement Edition (14 comments)

    Charlie from PearBudget dropped a line to point out that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is increasing the mileage reimbursement mid-year. The rate is 50.5 cents per mile right now, but will see a 1...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money Saving Tips Edition (12 comments)

    Remember my fender-bender with a rental car back in March? All of the paperwork finally went through and my insurance — both from the credit card and my normal automobile policy — will cov...Read more »

  • Daily Links: 100 Pushups Edition (18 comments)

    Here's a quick plug for my fitness blog, Get Fit Slowly. A bunch of us started the one hundred pushup challenge today. Our goal is to be able to do one hundred pushups by the end of July. This seems n...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Interviews and Investing Edition (15 comments)

    It's been a crazy week. The electrical contractor has been here every day. I've had appointments every day. And so I've been behind every day, struggling to provide new posts. Things should return to ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Knob and Tube Edition (45 comments)

    For the first time since getting my finances in order, I'm facing a real test of nerves. It's not that I'm spending frivolously or doing anything dumb. We're having some electrical work done, and I'm ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Crying Librarians Edition (51 comments)

    A Get Rich Slowly reader pointed me toward a hilarious post at FAIL Blog, one that will make librarians everywhere weep. The forum post they're mocking says: book rental service? was just...Read more »

  • Daily Links: E-Book Edition (8 comments)

    Sometimes when it's quiet around here, it's only because I'm working on other projects behind the scenes. Recording and transcribing my interview with Timothy Ferriss, for example, took a lot of work....Read more »

  • Daily Links: Fundamentals Edition (10 comments)

    Things are slowly returning to normal after a long holiday weekend. I only plan to post once per day at Get Rich Slowly this week, but I'll resume my normal schedule next Monday. In the meantime, here...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Blind Money, Check Fraud, and Economic Stimulus (26 comments)

    Amber dropped a line yesterday to share a story that might seem minor to some people, but which is important to her and many others. A U.S. Federal appeals court has ruled that paper money is unfair t...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Close Shave Edition (24 comments)

    Over at Free Money Finance, a guest poster recently wrote about how to save money with straight razor shaving. Because I've been at war with my facial hair for twenty years, I read this piece with int...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money Stories Edition (18 comments)

    Earlier this week I wrote about Mary Hunt's notion of a Freedom Account, a second checking account for handling irregular expenses. This isn't really an emergency fund, but a separate account to keep ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Multi-Level Marketing Edition (10 comments)

    Sometimes the articles I post generate a flood of comments. Sometimes they only generate a trickle. And sometimes it just takes a while for the conversation to get started. The latter seems to be the ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Technical Difficulties Edition (23 comments)

    Some of you will wake tomorrow to find the same post at GRS you saw briefly on Tuesday morning (the bike metaphor). You'll be confused. "Is this a re-run?" you'll wonder. It's not. It's a technical gl...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Fulfillment and Inflation Edition (13 comments)

    I often ponder which direction I should take Get Rich Slowly. Build the site? Write a book? Convince that other J.D. Roth to develop a television show around the premise? My latest harebrained ide...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Twitterpated Edition (17 comments)

    I'm simultaneously an early adopter and the last one to the party. I signed up for a Twitter account long ago, but never did anything with it. I didn't see the point. Now, though, it seems to have hit...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Deal or No Deal Edition (47 comments)

    I've received several questions about credit cards recently, and have been struggling with how to handle them. When I started Get Rich Slowly two years ago, I was firmly in the anti-credit card camp. ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Reader Art Edition (8 comments)

    Ever since discovering Action Girl's Guide to Living, I've used it as a sort of inspiration for my own life. I especially like point #2: Support others' actions. Support what other people do; spend...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Great Comments Edition (20 comments)

    I've added a new feature to the comments at Get Rich Slowly. Whenever I spot a reader contribution that I particularly like, I'll highlight it so that others are more likely to notice it. My choice of...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Spring Cleaning Edition (12 comments)

    I've written before about my haphazard blogging method. On this computer, for example, I currently have open eight different browser windows, each with 8-10 tabs. Each of these tabs contains some page...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Most Inspiring Edition (20 comments)

    Congrats to my colleagues JLP and Jonathan. The latest issue of Money magazine named JLP's All Financial Matters as the most sensible money blog, writing, "In a scary market, his sober posts on index ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: My Favorite Stories from the Past Two Years (9 comments)

    To celebrate the second anniversary of Get Rich Slowly, I thought I'd do something a little different with my links round-up. Rather than share new finds from around the web, I'm going to point to som...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Allergy Attack Edition (32 comments)

    Yikes! Allergies! I came home from marathon training today to work in the yard. But the moment I began to mow the lawn, I was floored by a terrible sneezing attack and a drippy nose. I took some Clari...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Podcast Interview Edition (12 comments)

    Soon after I started Get Rich Slowly, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal called for an interview. I was a terrible subject. I was wary of him. I thought he was out to trip me up, to find some sec...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Marathon Training Edition (18 comments)

    Yesterday I began training for the Portland Marathon — I joined a local group for a slow four-mile run. Not a bad start. Now I have just six more months of training before I'm ready! (My friend ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Question Kiyosaki Edition (35 comments)

    Robert Kiyosaki is perhaps the best-selling personal finance author of the last decade. His Rich Dad, Poor Dad was one of the books that spurred me to take control of my own personal financs. However,...Read more »

  • Daily Links and a Few Words About Ads (12 comments)

    Aside from Bacon Salt, I don't usually call attention to the advertising at Get Rich Slowly. However, for the next two weeks there will be a couple of ads in the sidebar that deserve an explanation. ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Non-Conforming Happiness (11 comments)

    Two long-time Get Rich Slowly readers recently let me know that they've launched new blogs. Chris Guillebeau has opened The Art of Non-Conformity, a site dedicated to unconventional strategies for lif...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Ask the Bacon Salt Guys about Entrepreneurship (16 comments)

    Remember my fascination with Bacon Salt? Well, I've been e-mailing the Bacon Salt guys, and they've agreed to answer questions from GRS readers. Many of you have expressed an interest in entrepreneurs...Read more »

  • Daily Links: PearBudget Edition (9 comments)

    My buddy Charlie at PearBudget dropped me a line to ask Get Rich Slowly readers to go try the latest version. PearBudget is a new web-based application based around the envelope system of budgeting. C...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Golden Nest Egg Edition (7 comments)

    My pal David Hobby at Strobist, a great photography blog, occasionally gives assignments to his readers. For one recent project, David created a conceptual photo for me to use at Get Rich Slowly: a go...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Alltop Edition (6 comments)

    It's been a busy week for me, though most of the work has been behind the scenes. I'm gradually finding my way into life of a full-time writer. Mostly, I'm catching up on old e-mail and preparing my w...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Catching Up on Guest Posts (8 comments)

    Full-time blogging has already paid off! I finally found time to begin editing the stack of guest posts I've received over the past few months. There's some great stuff here, but there's too much of i...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Home Office Edition (42 comments)

    I've spent a lot of money over the past few days. Most of it has been for business (I'm finally turning my home office into an actual office), but's not as fun as it used to be. There was a...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Food, Money, and Resumes (23 comments)

    Here are some personal finance articles that recently caught my attention: Think all resumes are boring? Think again. JobMob has put together a collection of 36 beautiful resume ideas that work. I ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Daily Bread Edition (11 comments)

    As an aside in a recent guest post, my wife mentioned that I had purchased eight loaves of bread for an article I never wrote. Well, I've written it now. Over at Get Fit Slowly, I've posted my exa...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Bacon Salt Edition (41 comments)

    Here's a sad (but true) case of advertising at work. For reasons I have not yet discerned, ads for a product called Bacon Salt have been appearing on Get Rich Slowly. Yes, Bacon Salt — salt that...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Inspiration Edition (6 comments)

    My friends Tim and Mark at Soul Shelter posted a great article last week about how what we think creates our reality. Though I think wishful-thinking books like The Secret are hogwash, I do believe th...Read more »

  • Daily Links: True Geek Edition (18 comments)

    What's better than Star Trek? How about free Star Trek? I've spent the past few months working my way through the original classics featuring Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Some of the episodes are worse tha...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Ask Tim Ferriss about His 4-Hour Work Week (27 comments)

    Monday's interview with Adam Shepard was the first installment of an irregular series here at Get Rich Slowly. Since starting the site, I've wanted to interview people about money. Not just money guru...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Wealth and Thrift Edition (16 comments)

    I want to clarify something after yesterday's discussion: I am neither liberal nor conservative. My political ideals are all over the map (though they make perfect sense to me). I am not a registered ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Protestant Work Ethic Edition (27 comments)

    Take heed! The Consumerist warns that your account is never really closed at Bank of America. This sort of thing makes my blood boil. (Thanks, Sasha!) Earlier today, JLP at All Financial Matters po...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Free Downloadable Suze Orman e-Book! (22 comments)

    Want a free book from financial guru Suze Orman? Until 8pm Eastern on the evening of February 14th, the Oprah Winfrey site is giving away a free PDF version of Orman's latest book, Women & Money. To f...Read more »

  • Daily Links: The Great Depression and Poverty (8 comments)

    I've been swamped lately. I know it's a temporary thing, and that soon I'll have all the time I need to maintain this site, but in the short-term it's frustrating. I have grand plans, but am unable to...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Macs, Interviews, and Big-Ticket Items (12 comments)

    Despite training a new box salesman all day and maintaining Get Rich Slowly all night, I recently found time to participate in a couple of e-mail interviews. First, I took part in Alex Shalman's Happi...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Ask Metafilter Edition (7 comments)

    It's been a while since I mentioned Ask Metafilter, one of my favorite web sites. Metafilter members (it costs $5 to join) can ask questions of the group, and then other users do their best to provide...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Time and Money (20 comments)

    Despite several recent posts on broad issues like the economy, Get Rich Slowly is a blog about personal finance. I have little interest or expertise regarding politics and economics. I've received e-m...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Tax Deductions, Savings Accounts, and GTD (10 comments)

    I'm another step closer to quitting the day job: today I began to train my replacement. I've never actually trained somebody in sales before, so this is a strange experience. It's almost like the blin...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money Problems and Buying a Home (11 comments)

    Are you drowning in debt? If so, Lauren Kesner from CNBC wants to hear from you. She writes: CNBC Business Television is looking for someone who is, or was, in debt (about $30,000 or more) an...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Green Gifts and First-Time Investors (10 comments)

    It's strange to have written so much about the national economy lately. I feel like a fish out of water. As a result, I've spent much of today getting back to basics, preparing stories about frugality...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Out Too Late Edition (9 comments)

    I'm going to switch things up a little this morning. I generally share links from other sites at the end of the day, but we were out late last night at The Decemberists concert, and the entry I'd plan...Read more »

  • Daily Links: One Equals Two Edition (3 comments)

    Ah, the cold has arrived. There's a two-week window at the end of January and the beginning of February during which the Portland/Salem area usually gets the coldest weather of the year. It's not trem...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Leftover Loot, Ready Cash, and the Vacuum Cleaner Museum (14 comments)

    On Thursday, I shared a web site that helps users find unclaimed property. I hoped some readers might find it useful, but I didn't expect it to be nearly this successful. Commenters report finding $50...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Positive Cash-Flow Edition (19 comments)

    This is my first month without debt obligation. (I eliminated my last non-mortgage debt at the beginning of December.) I didn't realize how much money I'd been throwing at debt recently — a comb...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Money Tricks and Career Advice (36 comments)

    Kris and her sister went "thrifting" this afternoon. I tagged along. While they shopped for cheap clothes and kitchenware, I hunted for personal finance books. Thrift shops and used book stores ar...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Car Talk Edition (9 comments)

    Thanks to everyone who offered advice on my car troubles. It's too bad most of the repairs were already completed when the article went live — you guys could have saved me some big bucks. But I'...Read more »

  • Daily Links: NPR Edition (16 comments)

    My wife is a big fan of NPR, National Public Radio. I used to listen to it, too, but lately I've come to think of it as "noise pollution radio". I'm often lost deep in thought — but when NPR is ...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Get Out the Vote Edition (6 comments)

    Another J.D. wrote to alert me that Get Rich Slowly has been nominated in three categories at the Performancing Awards 2007 Reader's Choice Poll: Best business/money blog Most improved blog Be...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Taxes, Batteries, and Frivolous Purchases (13 comments)

    Today was the day: my first official day at home, beginning my transition from box salesman to full-time writer. For the present, I'm spending every Tuesday at home working on this site. (Yes, I know ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Good-Bye, 2007 Edition (5 comments)

    Kris and I are preparing to ring in the New Year. Before we close out 2007, here are a few links that I've been collecting in my mailbox. First, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has some suggestions...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Hack Yourself! (8 comments)

    I hope you all had wonderful Christmases. My extended break has been great: filled with friends, family, and time for myself — I'm taking time to recharge my batteries. I still plan to be scarce...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Christmas Eve Edition (13 comments)

    As you may have noticed, I'm taking a little time off for the holidays. I do have some posts planned for the next few days, including a review of The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches, but...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Final Frontier Edition (12 comments)

    Every day after work for the past few weeks, I've been watching a single episode of Star Trek on DVD. It's great fun to relive these old shows (which were a huge part of my childhood). But they never ...Read more »

  • Carnival of Personal Finance: Naughty or Nice Edition (66 comments)

    Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Have you all been good boys and girls? No naughty, all nice? Well, Santa's here with some presents to share. In fact, you might call this a carnival — a carnival of pe...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Kids, Risk, and Gift Cards (11 comments)

    This weekend is a flurry of activity: book group, office party, family Christmas. Somehow I need to find time to write about personal finance! The last couple weeks have been crazy, but I'm focusing o...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: PriceProtectr Redux (4 comments)

    Last week I wrote about PriceProtectr, a free site that alerts you when prices fall on items you've recently purchased. This allows you to take advantage of "price protection" guarantees. I still have...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Cold Santa Edition (6 comments)

    As expected, I'm running behind schedule. I'm playing Santa Claus at the box factory — delivering goodies to our best customers — and have social engagements in the evening. I may need to ...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Get Fit Slowly Edition (12 comments)

    While I recently managed to pull myself out of debt, I've reached a nadir with my health. I'm in bad shape. I had to buy fat man pants the other day. I'm not putting it off any longer — it's tim...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Dark and Stormy Night Edition (4 comments)

    It's dark and stormy here in the Pacific Northwest. Some wet and windy storms have begun to move across the region, and we're getting even more rain than normal. I worry that another one of our trees ...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Glasses, Grinches, and Great Vacations (2 comments)

    I've received a lot of e-mail lately about very specific financial situations. Remember: I'm not qualified to give financial advice. I can share my experiences with you, and I can summarize the things...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Doomsday and Piggy Banks Edition (9 comments)

    I finally have the guest-post situation under control — I've created a spreadsheet to track submissions. That means I'm ready to accept new articles from you folks. For example, if you have an i...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition (3 comments)

    It's early on a cold Sunday morning. One of the squirrels has found his way on top of the house, and he's skittering across the roof, pausing occasionally to thump thump thump at something. Silly squi...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Dedication, Education, Innovation (3 comments)

    As always, there's plenty of good stuff out there about personal finance and personal success. Here are some of my favorite recent articles: Three Bean Salad shares "How I increased my net worth by...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: English Majors Rule! Edition (18 comments)

    Later today, I hope to share a lost classic from the 1970s: The Incredible Secret Money Machine. For now, however, here are highlights from the past week around the Money Blog Network. "Major in En...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Materialism, Hobbies, and Financial Autopilot (6 comments)

    I'll be taking a mini-vacation next week, visiting family in Central Oregon. Have no fear! This is a great chance for me to finally share some of the guest posts I've been accumulating. (If only I had...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Christmas is Coming Edition (5 comments)

    Here are some recent stories I liked from the Money Blog Network (and other personal finance bloggers): I've written about my quest for paperless personal finance. At 43 Folders, Ryan Norbauer ha...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Radio Interview Edition (4 comments)

    Bruce Barber of The Real Life Survival Guide chatted with me about budgets and spending plans last week. This 7-1/2 minute interview will air Sunday on WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, but you can list...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Go Ducks! Edition (7 comments)

    The Oregon rain is taking a break, which means Kris and I spent several hours today in the yard today chipping yard debris. I remember when we first saw this house. "I love all the mature trees and sh...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Unspotted Leopard Edition (11 comments)

    I succumbed to upgrade fever today, and purchased a copy of the latest Macintosh operating system, code-named Leopard. No problem, right? Wrong. Barely ten minutes into the install on my laptop, the m...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Bringing Home the Bacon Edition (17 comments)

    I've finally begun reading your feedback on how to improve Get Rich Slowly. To my surprise, most of you actually like the daily roundups. I'd been steering away from them because I thought they were u...Read more »

  • Weekly Roundup: Mind vs. Money Edition (25 comments)

    Here's a roundup of recent articles from around the Money Blog Network (and beyond). Ramit at I Will Teach You to Be Rich has the post of the week, writing about an annoying e-mail he got. One of h...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Extreme Debt Edition (17 comments)

    Rob M. recently forwarded an MSNBC article which proclaims life is harder now, some experts say. By "some experts", the author means Elizabeth Warren, whose ideas I both love and hate. "Warren's theor...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Mars and Venus Edition (4 comments)

    Too many open browser tabs! Must share links! First up: Smart Money magazine is having a contest in which they're "retiring the word 'retirement'": Today's retirees are more active than ever, mov...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: PF101 Edition (7 comments)

    Kris and I had dinner last night with Mandy from Personal Finance 101. Mandy is a personal finance coach and the most active member of the Get Rich Slowly discussion forums. (She posts there more than...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Contest Edition (10 comments)

    First up: While everyone else was writing about the environment on Blog Action Day, Nickel was putting his money where his mouth is. He's raising cash for the Conservation Fund. From now until Friday,...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Sunbreak Edition (5 comments)

    The Oregon rain set in a little early this year. It's been wet for the past couple weeks. Today, though, the sun came out. Kris and I spent several hours in the yard trying to reduce the huge mass of ...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Oprah, Gumball Machines, and Underearning (9 comments)

    I've read several fascinating articles lately, but don't have the time to cover them in greater detail. Each of these is highly recommended. >> Genius Types: The Best Deal I've Made Yet Last...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Lazy Sunday Edition (1 comment)

    Wow. Kris and I slept in until 9:43 this morning! That hasn't happened in years. I almost didn't get my fantasy football lineup altered in time. I've spent the last hour-and-a-half lounging in bed, ca...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Money Myths, Going Organic, and DIY Halloween Calendar (10 comments)

    Here are some articles I've had open in browser tabs for the past couple of days: London Telegraph: 50 Myths About Money "Most myths are harmless, but some are potentially dangerous: believe them ...Read more »

  • Weekend Update: Sinus Infection Edition (7 comments)

    I've been sick all weekend, so I haven't felt much like writing. I have, however, found time to browse other personal finance web sites. Here are some of the best recent articles from around the Money...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Car Insurance, Cheap Desks, and More (5 comments)

    Finally, after three months, I felt like things at Get Rich Slowly were back to normal today. That means I was actually able to spend some time replying to reader e-mail, as well as checking out other...Read more »

  • Weekend Roundup: Found Money, Luck, and Really Old Beer (5 comments)

    Get Rich Slowly passed its 3,000,000th visit last night — its 5,000,000th pageview and 31,000th subscriber came earlier this week. These numbers are nice, but what's really important are the con...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Retirement Planning, Free Credit Reports, and Structured Procrastination (25 comments)

    Folks, I don't like this new layout. It's ugly. There are too many ads. It doesn't feel like home. Unless there's some surprise outburst of popular support, I'm going to revert to the old Get Rich Slo...Read more »

  • Weekend Roundup: Hamburgers, Investing, and Windfalls (1 comment)

    Thanks to everyone who has offered help with my server woes. I think I've got things under control: I've selected a place, we've moved all the files, and now I just need to test to be sure nothing's b...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: The Cult of Credit, Free Software, and DIY Home Improvement (18 comments)

    Here are some personal finance stories submitted by readers like you: W.C. Varones pointed me to Dr. Housing Bubble's article about the invisible mortgage hand, an analysis of a society that forces...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Tips and Tricks from GRS Readers (9 comments)

    While organizing my text files this afternoon, I stumbled upon a batch of tips and tricks that got lost in the shuffle. Here are some clever ideas submitted by your fellow Get Rich Slowly readers: ...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Paperless PF, Adult Allowances, and Home-Made Toys (9 comments)

    I may have taken Labor Day weekend off from writing about personal finance, but that doesn't mean my colleagues did. Here are some recent articles I found interesting: At Blueprint for Financial Pr...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Groceries, Quicken Hacks, and a Decluttering Trick (7 comments)

    We've finally got some August-like weather here in Portland; maybe Kris' tomatoes will ripen after all. While we work in the yard and declutter the house, here are some quick-and-easy money articles f...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Resumes, Charity, and Living Rich (24 comments)

    So many links, so little time. There have been a lot of great personal finance articles on the web lately. Here are a few: How to write a resume This is a fairly comprehensive guide to writing res...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Intelligence, Dreams, and Big Hammers (6 comments)

    Time for me to eat a little crow. Last week I wrote a tepid review of personal finance magazines, concluding that they're worth the subscription cost, but that they're hit-or-miss with their content. ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Your Money or Your Life, and Benjamin Graham (3 comments)

    It's been a rough week behind the scenes at Get Rich Slowly. My hosting company experienced unexpected trouble, which meant that this site was only intermittently accessible for the past three days. M...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Debt Reduction, Stupidity, and Mutual Funds (2 comments)

    No Credit Needed is hosting the 100th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. Go drop in to find great advice on eliminating debt. Among my favorite contributions are: Golb Guru explains how t...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Compound Interest, Web Income, and Happiness (18 comments)

    Here's another collection of personal finance links submitted from readers like you. The power of compounding is subtle and filled with nuances. In a comment on yesterday's daily links, Wayne wrote: ...Read more »

  • Daily Links: Pets, Films, and Mortgage Savings (6 comments)

    I've spent the last couple hours replying to your e-mail messages, sorting through the links you sent me while I was on vacation. I kept wishing that I had a way to share more of these with GRS reader...Read more »

  • Mining YouTube for Personal Finance Gold (14 comments)

    I waste a lot of time on YouTube, watching videos like old Whose Line Is It Anyway? skits (warning: time sink!) and Gnarls Barkley played on the theremin. But YouTube isn't just a place to goof around...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Fireworks Spectacular (8 comments)

    It's time for bed, but there's no sense sleeping. Our neighborhood is crazy about fireworks, and this year the guy next door has purchased an arsenal of illegal — and very loud — explosive...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Cars, Cars, Cars (45 comments)

    Alfonso Piñate has cars on the brain. He didn't just forward one car-related article — he sent me three! And they're all good. From Jalopnik, here's an "Ask the Readers"-type question: "Y...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Credit Cards and Credit Triggers (17 comments)

    Yesterday at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Jim described how credit cards get you in, keep you in, and keep you spending. This is particularly relevant due to our recent conversations about cred...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Interviews, Charities, and Bike Mortgages (14 comments)

    I've been swamped by stories from GRS readers lately. I'll do my best to get most of these posted before I leave for Europe. Earlier this month we debated whether it's better to invest or to prepa...Read more »

  • Daily Roundup: Financial Literacy Videos, Library Hacks, and Moving Sales (4 comments)

    During the month of April, Get Rich Slowly featured a series of videos about financial literacy. These short clips were created by Michael Fischer, a finance professional and author of the book Saving...Read more »

  • links for 2007-06-19 (3 comments)

    If you're still having trouble getting the new layout to load, try clearing your browser's cache. As I mentioned, the sidebar will widen further as soon as I find the time to monkey with it some more....Read more »

  • links for 2007-06-15 (2 comments)

    >> My struggle: Spending on food is really about motivation << Flexo at Consumerism Commentary writes about his mental block against "brown-bagging" lunch. "I don’t like spending time p...Read more »

  • links for 2007-06-14 (0 comment)

    >> What aspects of personal finance bring you happiness? << Trent at The Simple Dollar asks a fantastic question. I preach about the psychological aspects of personal finance because I've...Read more »

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    >> Curbly: This story could save you thousands of dollars in real estate commissions << For those of you buying a house, the DIY Maven explains how to save thousands of dollars by making ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-06-10 (2 comments)

    One of my favorite personal finance blogs, Money and Values, has returned from a hiatus. Penny writes about the way our personal values affect our relationship with money. Good stuff. >> The ...Read more »

  • Forum Highlights for 08 June 2007 (0 comment)

    The Get Rich Slowly discussion forums have really come alive over the past two weeks. Active participants are engaged in lively debates. Many people are taking the time to help each other find answers...Read more »

  • links for 2007-06-08 (1 comment)

    >> The massive personal finance resource list << Brett has pulled together a ton of useful stuff here, including online money management tools, offline software, investing tools, spreadsh...Read more »

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    >> AskMetafilter: Is consumerism bad? << "Should I feel guilty about wanting the things that I do?" See also: How do you stop feeling guilty for what you have? and Please help me with my ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-31 (0 comment)

    In our discussion about socio-economic class on Tuesday, Angie mentioned a series of articles from Liz Pulliam Weston (my favorite personal finance guru). Each of these describes what the average fina...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-30 (0 comment)

    >> Curbly: Salvage and season cast-iron cookware << "Cast iron is incredible. It’s like nature’s non-stick surface. I have a 12” skillet, a round griddle for tortillas, and a large,...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-29 (4 comments)

    >> Prosper personal lending update << Many of you enjoyed Frykitty's post on investing with Prosper, the person-to-person microloan service. Here's an article at PF Blog that describes th...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-25 (1 comment)

    >> Commitments Unlimited << Commitments Unlimited is a new wedding blog from GRS reader Sally. (Sally contributed the guest post on how to eat vegetarian on the cheap.) Her site is devote...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-23 (2 comments)

    >> Advice for purchasing a home? << Regular GRS reader (and active commenter) Kevin has decided he's ready to buy a house, but he doesn't know where to start. "What are the best resources...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-22 (8 comments)

    >> How to beat the stock market: Buy companies with high customer satisfaction scores << The Consumerist links to a report that indicates "companies at the top 20% of the the American Cus...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-17 (2 comments)

    >> Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are your friends << Paul at Green Capitalism describes his quest to "go green" while saving money. "Using less energy is good. Switching to CFL Bulbs tha...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-16 (2 comments)

    >> The Motley Fool: 10 Things I Hate About Finances << "When it comes to finances, there's no shortage of tasks to dread... But ignoring the niggling details is even worse than the drudge...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-15 (2 comments)

    >> Five things your financial advisor knows (but will never tell you) << Justin looks at some of the dirty secrets of financial advisors. My favorite tip is "if you don't know anything ab...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-14 (0 comment)

    >> The $140 Homemade Scarf << Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, write about the joys of menial labor, about how some of us make a hobby out of what used to be ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-11 (3 comments)

    >> The Simple Living Newsletter for May-June 2007 << The Simple Living Network is an excellent source for information on voluntary simplicity. Bill Mize wrote to tell me that SLN publishe...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-10 (5 comments)

    One benefit of creating this daily links section is that I can also toss in miscellaneous administrative content now-and-then. For example, I forgot to announce the winners of the "join the discussion...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-08 (6 comments)

    After several months of using automated posts from, I'm going to experiment with making the daily links more robust. You folks seem to have a love/hate relationship with these — I'm ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-05 (5 comments)

    Free Comic Book Day May 5th 2007 Yes, it's true: all around the world, comic book stores are giving away free comics. These are all mags printed for this giveaway. And, of course, it's a ploy ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-04 (10 comments)

    Stay-at-home mom’s work worth $138,095 - Personal Finance - (tags: parenting work career) The Simple Dollar » The Day After: My Immediate Actions When I Reached Financial Ar...Read more »

  • links for 2007-05-03 (4 comments)

    Venerable finance game abandons cash for credit - Los Angeles Times Visa is sponsoring The Game of Life, which upsets people for a variety of reasons: the emphasis on credit instead of cash, th...Read more »

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    » Two Years of FiveCentNickel and a Big, Huge Giveaway @ Nickel is giving away some big prizes (including two iPods) in celebration of his site's second anniversary. It'...Read more »

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    // < ![CDATA[ ni_ad_client = 189169; ni_var1 = ""; ni_display_width = 600; ni_cardtype = 4; ni_amt = 15; ni_term = 30; // ]]> ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-27 (2 comments)

    Scott H Young » Get a Reality Check "Whether you have clearly defined goals with deadlines or just a strong feeling about where you want to be, you need to do reality checks frequently to stay...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-26 (7 comments)

    » I Buy Generic Brands and Store Brands Sometimes on Consumerism Commentary: A Personal Finance Blog Flexo lists the things he's willing to buy generic. I'll buy many things generic, especia...Read more »

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    The Simple Dollar » The Simple Dollar Giveaway #4: Five Free Books! Trent is holding a book giveaway, too: Find a post at his site that really evokes a response in you and makes you think, whe...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-23 (1 comment)

    How to Build a Perfect Credit Score Quickly There's some great advice here, especially for young adults. But be careful. The article advocates using credit cards to build your score. If you do ...Read more »

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    Why is economic growth necessary? | Ask MetaFilter This is a question I've often pondered, too. (tags: economics) ...Read more »

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    Investors go on automatic pilot - "Target funds, which gear your investments toward your retirement date, have been the hottest new breed of mutual fund in years. But before you pu...Read more »

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    plonkee money: tourist in london town "London is an absolutely fantastic city, but it sure ain't cheap. Here are my best ideas for getting more for your money." We're visiting London later this...Read more »

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    How to get your credit score up, and how not to care | zen habits (tags: creditreport credit finance finances money tips) ...Read more »

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    No Credit Needed » Blog Archive » Preparing For Life Without A Credit Card NCN talks about the steps he took to letting go. Me? I just went cold turkey. You don't *need* a credit card. (...Read more »

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    miles' allowance on Flickr - Photo Sharing! One approach to allowances for children. [via Amy Jo] (tags: kids allowances education) Ten Commandments for a Simpler Way of Life at Ri...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-09 (2 comments)

    44+ million uninsured people in America... | Ask MetaFilter "Will a $6,000 bill from the ER completely cripple my credit score for the next ten (plus?) years if I don't pay it?" (tags: credit...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-08 (0 comment)

    AllFinancialMatters » Blog Archive » MORE S&P 500 Index Stats JLP provides some tables that demonstrate the long-term value of stocks. They also show that stocks don't *always* provide ste...Read more »

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    Teaching My Kids the Value of Work and Money » What’s Gotta Stay (tags: kids values money) ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-05 (0 comment)

    How to invest when you're broke - MSN Money A lot of you have told me: "Fine, fine, I get it -- I need to invest. But how?" I'm working on an article to cover this subject. I'll post it by the ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-04 (3 comments)

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich » Nicole’s Bridal and Formalwear at Tanforan has poor customer service Ramit has a poor customer service experience. Stuff like this boggles my mind. In business...Read more »

  • links for 2007-04-03 (5 comments)

    10 Things Your Boss Hates About You | Work | Guardian Unlimited Money As an employer, I especially loathe attendance problems and lying. (tags: work job career business) Does more mone...Read more »

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    Kids conjure up riches in 'Fairy Godmother Tycoon' - "A hilarious new business simulation." Actually, anything that gets kids thinking about money and entrepreneurship gets the thu...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-29 (8 comments)

    Cheap but great dates | zen habits I wrote an entry about this subject for Valentine's Day, but never posted it. Maybe next year. (tags: frugal dating romance frugality cheap) The Simpl...Read more »

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    Your Broker Is Just As Confused As You Are - Consumerist (tags: investing investments) Ask Lifehacker: How do I get started using Quicken? - Lifehacker (tags: quicken software tools ho...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-27 (0 comment)

    Being a millionaire just isn't the same these days - "These days, a millionaire is ... likely to be the guy or gal next door who saved carefully..." [via several readers -- thanks!] (...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-26 (0 comment)

    » Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar @ "I’ve been thinking about ways to teach our kids more about the value of money. We’ve found that it’s far better to give them...Read more »

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    Can you afford to follow your dreams? Can you afford NOT to? | Wise Bread "This weekend, we decided to give up pursuing the 'sure thing' career for him so that he can use his time to develop t...Read more »

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    Attention: You Cut Your Electric Bill By Almost Half! - Consumerist "Reader Melissa writes in to tell us that using tips from Consumerist and other sites, she cut her (admittedly outrageous) el...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-21 (2 comments)

    Telemarketers - Kill the Calls How to sue telemarketers in small claims court. The author claims that it's a profitable way to get the calls to stop. (He's earned ~$6,000 for ~3 hours of work.)...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-19 (1 comment)

    Free Money Finance: How a Bicycle Saved My Life "I've probably spent $3,000 on cycling in the past three years. Has it been a good investment? I think so." (tags: fitness health) ...Read more »

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    Food For Thought - Education Is A Great Economic Leveler at Money, Matter, and More Musings (tags: education income) ...Read more »

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    Nine Steps to Acing a Job Interview (tags: job career work) ...Read more »

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    Ten Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life - (tags: productivity lifestyle happiness health) The American Spectator - The Nation's Pulse: Terribly Exciting Ben Stein writ...Read more »

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    Why Paying down Your Mortgage Is a Bad Idea at Real Estate Mega Book This in response to the GRS question yesterday about whether to save for a down payment or to pay down a HELOC... (tag...Read more »

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    The Myths of Starting a Business >> Dumb Little Man (tags: entrepreneurship) ...Read more »

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    Daily Record - Warren Boroson - Cramer a trader, Buffett investor Interesting comparison of Jim Cramer and Warren Buffett, and the way they approach the stock market. (With a stab at Kim Kiyosa...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-11 (5 comments)

    Baby Cheapskate: Five Rules that can Save You Hundreds on Premium Diapers I know this article probably isn't useful to many GRS readers, but it could really help those with infants save a lot o...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-10 (1 comment)

    zen habits: 10 Habits to Develop for Financial Stability and Success Good advice from GRS-reader Leo. (tags: money tips) The Simple Dollar » Why Johnny Can Read: Simpson’s Par...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-08 (2 comments)

    Frugal For Life: 30+ Ways to Save a Dollar a Day (tags: frugal frugality lifehacks) Senators grill bank execs on 'unfair' credit card fees - This is directy related to the ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-07 (0 comment)

    Does it pay to be a jerk? | Wise Bread An interesting piece on why it can be profitable to be abrasive. I'm not encouraging anyone to be a jerk. I'm just fascinated by this article. (tags: ps...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-06 (4 comments)

    To find a path for your career embrace instability » Brazen Careerist "The people who are most adept at dealing with transition are the people who will do best in their career and in their l...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-05 (1 comment)

    Christine Kane - Blog- You Teach People How to Treat You This is not directly related to personal finance-related, but it's very important. "The biggest risk involved in teaching people how to ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-03-02 (1 comment)

    Feministe » Help Us Help Ourselves: March 2007 Edition "Help Us Help Ourselves is a project where bloggers contribute their suggestions, advice and tips on how to do anything and everything. T...Read more »

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    Money Smart Life » Payback Time for Payday Loans – Share Your Story and win $50 Ben is taking $50 from a Payday loan advertiser and giving it to a commenter who has lost money to high intere...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-27 (1 comment)

    Warranties Official FTC site, via Lifehacker. (tags: consumer shopping warranty reference) What Does it Mean to Be Rich? | Money for the Rest of Us "If one of your goals is to 'get...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-26 (0 comment)

    I don't want to be Tom Hanks in the Money Pit | Ask MetaFilter "How to hire and work with a contractor on a remodeling project?" (tags: home remodeling) "What do you mean poor people ar...Read more »

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    Getting Finances Done » The Easiest Way to Organize Your Budget (tags: budgets GTD organization money) » Tips for Purchasing a Musical Instrument for the Non-Professional on Consumeri...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-22 (1 comment)

    NPR : Strategies Available to Fight Credit-Card Fees "Credit-card fees have been rising in recent years. But what many people don't know is that you don't always have to pay those fees." [via V...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-21 (1 comment)

    Queercents » Money Mondays: Should You Hire a Tax Pro? Sometimes it's easy to know if you should seek tax help. Sometimes it's not. This guide can help you determine what's right for you. (Fir...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-20 (2 comments)

    Declutter Your Desk $33.42 (Canadian) to de-clutter a desk? Sounds like a bargain! (tags: DIY GTD productivity lifehacks home howto) The Budget Wino "Wine reviews and tips for the $10...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-19 (0 comment)

    Top Five Socially Responsible Investing News Stories of 2006 I get a requests for info on socially-responsible investing. This collection of stories may interest some of you... (tags: investi...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-18 (0 comment) Risk, Reward and the New Class "Society might see a lot more entrepreneurship if it adjusted income taxes for the downside risk associated with a given level of earnings." More ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-15 (0 comment)

    Credit Cards: can't live with 'em A story from a GRS reader who got behind on her credit cards, but then tried to catch up by paying early, but without the intended effect. Funny, but in a sad ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-14 (2 comments)

    Selling Your Digital Photos - Page1 - MSN Tech & Gadgets - How To One approach at turning a hobby into something that produces income. (tags: photography entrepreneurship howto) Living ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-12 (0 comment)

    They got older too | Money Magazine Money Magazine "asked the pop icons you grew up with what they've learned about money." [via Consumerism Commentary] (tags: advice funnymoney) Walkin...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-11 (3 comments)

    22 Tips for High Self-Esteem at Ririan Project No, it's not personal finance. But I believe many poor money choices are actually reflections of poor self-esteem. Regardless, this is an excell...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-09 (1 comment)

    Quiet, frugal janitor hid his generous heart | Chicago Tribune READ THIS. I don't advocate this sort of extreme frugality. But I think this is a wonderful story, and frugality is a part of it. ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-08 (1 comment)

    Tips for an Inexpensive Valentine's Day (tags: frugality choices money) LED lightbulbs: not ready for primetime | A Whole Lotta Nothing "Maybe in five years or so the technology will ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-07 (4 comments)

    Getting Rid Of Your Debt Without Worrying About The Latte Factor » Money, Matter, and More Musings This advice is similar to that of Elizabeth Warren: you can make a bigger difference in yo...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-06 (9 comments)

    Don't rush to pay off that mortgage - MSN Money "A recent study suggests these households blow more than $1.5 billion a year, or $400 per household, by accelerating their mortgage payments." I ...Read more »

  • links for 2007-02-04 (1 comment)

    Greek nuns on the run, chased by bad debts - New Zealand's source for oddstuff "A group of Greek nuns abandoned their convent and went into hiding after running up debts of more than 600,000 e...Read more »

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    zen habits: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck First stop the bleeding, then bind the wounds. Nice piece. (tags: debt money saving minimumwage) ...Read more »

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    Money Blogger Podcast: Rachel Kesel of The Compact interviewed Awesome -- Scott finally returns with another personal finance interview. His past podcasts have been excellent, filled with insig...Read more »

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    Should my wife and I (with drastically different incomes ) file taxes together or seperate? | Ask MetaFilter It's AskMetafilter Day in the daily links... (tags: taxes tips) RESP...still...Read more »

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    Stylehive - Blog: Top 5:  Piggy Banks, Stylish Savings Me? I use a Mason jar. (tags: funnymoney change) Senate targets credit card practices - Jan. 26, 2007 "Restoring small annual f...Read more »

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    Reader Poll: What kind of affluent would you rather be? - Lifehacker Would you rather be rich with time or rich with money? I think an argument can be made that they're the same thing ("time is...Read more »

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    Don To Earth A blog written by a 93-year-old-man. There's more to wealth than money. Health, long life, and happiness are more important, in my book. This is awesome. (tags: history inspirati...Read more »

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    Why Americans love to shoplift meat. - By Brendan I. Koerner - Slate Magazine "Why is meat the most shoplifted item in America?" (tags: funnymoney psychology food) more »

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    Money management: It's never too late to start - Monday Money - "You're over 40 and you haven't started seriously saving for retirement. Despite what you might think, it isn't too la...Read more »

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    Gaming the Credit System: Managing Your Finances Part II Partly in response to my recent declaration that I do not use credit cards, GtCS created a guide to using credit cards and using them RE...Read more »

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    10 ways to come up with a down payment (Page 1 of 2) "You've found the perfect house. Interest rates are are still low. There's just one thing standing between you and your dream home: a down p...Read more »

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    Carnival of Investing on Martin Luther King Day - The Sun’s Financial Diary I haven't linked to many carnivals lately because I haven't been contributing. I'm writing some investment articl...Read more »

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    The Dividend Guy Blog - Good Books for New Investors A list of five books DG recommends for new investors. I haven't read any of them, though I have "Learn to Earn" out from the library. (tag...Read more »

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    How Disorganization costs Money - by Dumb Little Man (tags: planning advice money) Online Education Free Whoa -- nice. Very nice, indeed. [via Frykitty] (tags: free online education l...Read more »

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    Network Security Journal: The Fight Against Phishing: 44 Ways to Protect Yourself via lifehacker (tags: scams security) The top 10 advantages of low-rent living "One of the bigg...Read more »

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    PC World - This Blog for Hire "Some bloggers pitch products for pay, often without telling their readers." My promise to you: Get Rich Slowly will NEVER do this. NEVER. (tags: scams) ...Read more »

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    PC World - Just Cancel the @#%$* Account! "It's hard to find a Web service that doesn't offer a free trial. But just try canceling. We did, and the results weren't always pretty." (tags: cons...Read more »

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    Top 25 Personal Finance Myths (tags: philosophy personalfinance finance) FORTUNE: Warren Buffett: Beware brokers who want your money - Mar. 6, 2006 "In his 2006 letter to Berkshire Hat...Read more »

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    Publications Catalog - Federal Reserve System Via my wife. I've linked to these before, but they're still fun: free pamphlets about Federal monetary policy. Fun for everyone! (tags: free econ...Read more »

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    50 of the best personal development blogs Similar to my own list of excellent personal development sites. Some good stuff here, though I get the impression the author was cramming to fill the l...Read more »

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    You've been approved! | Ask MetaFilter "During the course of the conversation he mentioned he has a credit limit of about eighty grand spread over several cards... Why would I need $80,000 in c...Read more »

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    Play 3rd World Farmer Game Online - Arcade Town .com This game evokes personal finance while reminding one to be grateful for having been born in the land of opportunity. Plus it's a fun game. ...Read more »

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    Real Estate: Is going eco-friendly worth the cost? - January 1, 2007 (tags: choices philosophy environmentalism energy) Late utility bill could jolt credit - 01/03/07 - The Detroit News O...Read more »

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    Is it fair to break up with someone over the 'business side' of a relationship? (tags: relationships money finances choices psychology) ...Read more »

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    2006 LifeHack Review: Best 50 hacks for your Life - There's a treasure-trove of personal develoment gems here! (tags: self-development productivity lifehacks gtd tips howto) ...Read more »

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    Frugal For Life: Frugality isn’t Voluntary Poverty (tags: frugality philosophy) Getting Finances Done » Sunday Shopping Circulars Online (tags: advertising shopping saving) ...Read more »

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    mileage vs. age in used cars | Ask MetaFilter "All other things being equal, do I pick the older car with lower mileage or the later model with high mileage?" (tags: cars shopping choices) ...Read more »

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    How do you stop feeling guilty for having what you have? | Ask MetaFilter "How do you justify how much to spend on yourself when there are so many out there without? And, how much should you gi...Read more »

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    Bank Of America To Charge For "Free" Checking - Consumerist This kind of stuff makes me very, very angry. (tags: banks baitandswitch fees) Q: How can she afford health insurance? - USAT...Read more »

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    Chicago Tribune news: Lifestyles of the rich don't necessarily make them famous This article does a better job at summarizing the findings in The Millionaire Next Door than my review did. (I fa...Read more »

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    Paycheck to paycheck: Make your dollars stretch further - Dec. 14, 2006 "The Schuetts have an enviable income. So why are they having a hard time making ends meet?" [Thanks, Tim!] (tags: mone...Read more »

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    Businesspundit: How To Network: For Introverts Networking gets a bad rap. In reality, it's a key tool for building lasting reciprocal relationships. Seriously. If you practice networking, you'...Read more »

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    Should I pay off my mortgage early? | Ask MetaFilter (tags: homebuying housing mortgage windfall) Making a Financial Turnaround (tags: money goals motivation) Craigslist Meets...Read more »

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    digg - Mac "Quicken-Killer" Receives Impressive GUI Update The dugg "quicken-killer" is apparently no good, but the comments at digg itself provide lots of info on Mac personal finance software...Read more »

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    Young and In Debt: Chat Transcript via Kristina: Chat transcript with Abby Wilners, author of Quarterlife Crisis. She offers advice to young people just out of school, or just star...Read more »

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    VerizonMath Amberlynn wrote to share this gem, which has been making the rounds of the internet. What happens when a big corporation can't tell dollars from cents? This reminds me of fast fo...Read more »

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    Michelle Singletary - It Pays to Do the Math In the Budget Game - (tags: budgets money planning) ...Read more »

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    Building a home power-monitoring system GRS-reader Christopher writes: "if you like the Kill-A-Watt idea you will love this. Granted a bit overkill be pretty cool none the less." I'll say! (t...Read more »

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    Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps for Money, Finance, and Investment I've been meaning to put together an entry similar to this. Now I can wait til next year! (tags: web software personalfinance) Ask...Read more »

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    Save money with reciprocal museum memberships: Parent Hacks Simple tip to save money while on vacation. (tags: vacation saving) AllFinancialMatters » How The Dow Jones Industrial Aver...Read more »

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    Interview: Ramit Sethi Won't *Just* Teach You To Be Rich... Ramit's advice is great. His "you can do it, but start now" message is inspiration and on-the-money. (tags: interviews pfblogs entr...Read more »

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    How to prepare for job loss? | Ask MetaFilter (tags: career work planning) ...Read more »

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    Site Profile Interview with J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly - Recommended Web Tools More than you ever wanted to know about this site and how I run it. A summary: I write a *lot*, try to offer a v...Read more »

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    MAKE: Blog: The Open source gift guide - Open source hardware, software and more for the holidays (tags: christmas DIY) New York Times: In class warfare, guess which class is winning A ...Read more »

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    Guy Kawasaki Interviews Steve Wozniak « zBiz.TV Video of two of my entrepreneurial heroes at once. (tags: entrepreneurship interviews) Automatically save your change - Lifehacker ...Read more »

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    Rick Steves' Europe: Ten Tips for Sleeping Cheap in Europe (tags: travel vacation tips frugal) ...Read more »

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    Tom's Inflation Calculator (tags: money tools calculator economics) ...Read more »

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    Man runs up 8k tab in iTunes Store, fiancée dumps him "My husband-to-be had more than 700 music CDs and more than 300 movie DVDs and hundreds of record albums -- he had $43,000 in credit-card ...Read more »

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    How much should I give to charity? | Ask MetaFilter (tags: charity money choices) ...Read more »

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    HOWTO: Keep Track of Coupons - Consumerist (tags: coupons groceries saving) ...Read more »

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    Paid off credit cards. Now what? | Ask MetaFilter What to do with $1200 more a month? (tags: planning saving money) Frugal For Life: The Mindset of Frugal Living (tags: frugality frug...Read more »

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    Cut Monthly Bills In Half - Consumerist I've written about this before, but it never hurts to mention it again: you can save money by comparison shopping, then asking you current service provid...Read more »

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    Cars most affordable since 1980 - Nov. 13, 2006 "Cheapest since 1980 -- Comerica Bank's 'Auto Affordability Index' shows average American works 23.6 weeks to buy a car." (tags: cars economic...Read more »

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    CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS - homemade snack recipes and ideas "I am not sure about you but spending $2 for a 'fitness bar' or 'energy bar' is crazy." [via Dumb Little Man] (tags: food fitness D...Read more »

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    Hundredaires in the Making » Adventure Money Hiliarious parody of CNN's 'Millionaires in the Making' series. (tags: funnymoney badhabits) ...Read more »

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    Thrifty Mommy Ostensibly a weblog for frugal women, but filled with great tips for anyone who is trying to save money. (tags: pfblogs frugal frugality) Young and Broke: To Buy or Not To...Read more »

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    4 Reasons To Invest In Index Funds (tags: mutualfunds investing) It's Just Money: Dave Ramsey Investing Advice Dave Ramsey has excellent advice for debt elimination. But how's his inves...Read more »

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    The Dilbert Blog: In Over My Head Scott Adams' blog is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. It's not personal finance oriented, but it does contain occasional money and success tips. THIS ENTR...Read more »

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    How do I get the best possible airfare? | Ask MetaFilter (tags: travel transportation) The Shaving Cream Racket by Jeffrey A. Tucker Are you spending too much to shave? Some people thin...Read more »

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    Festival of Frugality #46 | Carnival (tags: pfblogs carnivals frugality) ...Read more »

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    Wisdom From Wenchypoo: Scam-Proof Yourself to Eliminate Risk Smart people can still be the victims of scams. In fact, often smart people are most easily scammed because they have too much confi...Read more »

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    Fame and Fortune: Steve Wozniak: Apple founder is still gadget mad - Sunday Times - Times Online You know I love The Woz. (I wrote about him earlier in the month.) Here's an interview with him ...Read more »

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    What Use Is Personal Finance Advice If You’re Making Minimum Wage? Great entry that links to other discussions on the subject. This is a tough question to answer. (tags: minimumwage goa...Read more »

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    Women Leaders: 10 Power Tips - Leadership and Innovation - "What are the real secrets of success? Here's what some proven winners say." (tags: business success advice career leader...Read more »

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    $50 Dollar Paint Job GRS reader Adam forwards a page demonstrating people "painting their cars with rollers and saving a bomb on professional paintjobs". (tags: car DIY) Free Money? | A...Read more »

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    The Consumer Ethicist: Stop The Telemarketers! - Consumerist (tags: consumerism telemarketers tips) Millionaires in the Making: The Johnsons - Oct. 11, 2006 "The couple has also managed...Read more »

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    How do tax credits work? | Ask MetaFilter (tags: taxes askme) ...Read more »

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    jengod - How to Get Started Cooking at Home for Frugality and Health "In my late twenties, after I got a kitchen and garden of my own. Here are some of the tips I've picked up along the way." ...Read more »

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    My Money Blog » Blog Archive » How To Get Out Of A Cellphone Contract Early (tags: cellphones phones contracts) Investing home loan proceeds in stocks can be risky business - Oct. 16...Read more »

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    The Carnival of Debt Reduction #57 » My New Choice (tags: pfblogs carnivals frugality) Make Love, Not Debt - Carnival of Personal Finance Seventy (tags: pfblogs carnivals) My Mon...Read more »

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    Wheaties for Your Wallet » Do you know what rebate “breakage” is? Rebates can be good deals for consumers, but you MUST comply with all the rules. Otherwise you'll find your rebate is wor...Read more »

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    5 super-obvious ways to immediately improve your life | 43 Folders How to get organized and stay that way (tags: GTD lifehack productivity self-development) ...Read more »

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    » Bogleheads Guide to Investing Review: Chapter 7 - Keep It Simple on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity (tags: pfblogs books reviews investments mutualfunds) My Open Wallet: Festival...Read more »

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    Binary Dollar: Compound Interest: Rick and Harper The power of compound returns, told in a comic strip. (tags: funnymoney interest investing) The Frugal Duchess: Carnival of Debt Reduc...Read more »

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    Skip the Coffee? What’s Money for, Anyway? - New York Times An argument against the obsession with the "Latte Factor". Sent in by a GRS reader. (tags: psychology lifestyles choices money) ...Read more »

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    Mighty Bargain Hunter » Bogleheads Project Chapter 5 (tags: pfblogs books inflation) ...Read more »

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    Penny Foolish: The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, Day 4: Know What You're Buying Part 2 (tags: pfblogs books reviews investing) Boy in the bands » Blog Archive » Lydia Maria Child, ...Read more »

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    Young and Broke: The Boglehead's Guide to Investing: Review of Chapter Three "Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years” (tags: pfblogs...Read more »

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    Debt Consolidation Lowdown: Carnival of Debt Reduction is Up! (tags: pfblogs carnivals debt) Tired but happy: Festival of Frugality No. 42 (tags: pfblogs carnivals frugal frugality) ...Read more »

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    The Carnival of Personal Finance ‘68 Hits the Oregon Trail | Punny Money Nick did a fine job with this week's carnival. (tags: carnivals pfblogs) AllFinancialMatters » Blog Archive ...Read more »

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    » Do Not Upgrade to Quicken 2007, It’s Horrible on Consumerism Commentary (tags: quicken software) The Cost of Convenience - "How much are we willing to pay for conven...Read more »

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    Wheaties for Your Wallet » Blog Archive » Freakonomics, Information Asymmetry, and the Internet A long, thoughtful meditation on how the internet might become more useful for consumers. Wh...Read more »

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    Too much Junk Mail? | How Do I Stop It | Stop Junk Mail Now with greendimes A for-pay service that will stop junk mail and, strangely enough, plant a tree for you every month. (tags: junkmail...Read more »

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    My Money Forest - Festival of Frugality #41 (tags: pfblogs carnivals frugality frugal) Calculate CPI from 1665-2012 "Have you wondered how much the value of your ancestor's property or ...Read more »

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    The Super-Rich Get Richer: Forbes 400 Are All Billionaires - I'm sure that some people find this list depressing. I like to think of it as inspirational. (tags: superrich s...Read more »

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    Blogging Away Debt » Presenting…the Carnival of Debt Reduction #54 (tags: carnivals debt) Modest Needs "Modest Needs is a non-profit organization reaching out to hard-working indivi...Read more »

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    Eating cheaply in NYC ( It would be fun to compile a GRS guide to eating cheaply in all sorts of major cities. Anyone want to help? I can cover Portland. (tags: frugal frugality fo...Read more »

  • links for 2006-09-21 (1 comment) - Florida man takes 50-foot dive for $20 - Sep 20, 2006 "I got my money back, hell yeah," Giorgio told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. "Twenty bucks is a lot of money when you're broke."...Read more »

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    BurnLounge? Pyramid Scheme? | Ask MetaFilter "What is BurnLounge? A pyramid scheme? Anyone have any experience with?" (tags: scams pyramidschemes warnings) OmniNerd - Articles: Gas Pric...Read more »

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    MONEY Magazine: Men, women...and money - Mar. 14, 2006 "When it comes to getting through to each other about money, spouses have some work to do." (tags: marriage money) Marketplace: Wh...Read more »

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    Why is my credit score so high? | Ask MetaFilter You don't need a lot of credit cards or to carry balances in order to achieve good credit. (tags: credit askme) ReadyMade: How to Save i...Read more »

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    Frugal Confession: We Bring Our Own Candy to the Theater @ A great tip from Five Cent Nickel. This was meant for inclusion in yesterday's Festival of Frugality, but a glitc...Read more »

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    AllFinancialMatters » Blog Archive » How to… Personal Finance Edition A comprehensive list of personal finance blog "HOW TO" articles. If you want to know how to do something, check this...Read more »

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    Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads: When What We Love And Who We Love Are At Odds This has nothing to do with personal finance. Or *does* it? (tags: philosophy choices children) Bonfi...Read more »

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    City Girl's Financial Blog: Question of the Day Marathon -- My turn!!! "In the past 24 hours, what have you done in relation to money?" (tags: pfblogs qotd) Do younger people pay with f...Read more »

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    Pragmatic Finance - Putting my Financial House in Order "What factors affected the career you chose? Was it purely about the pay or were there other aspects that influenced the decision?" (ta...Read more »

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    Money and Values: Question of the Day, 8/28: Your Money and Your Values "Do you involve your values in your money decisions? If so, what are some examples? If not, why not?" (tags: pfblogs ...Read more »

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    udandi & the craft of money: Question of the Day Marathon: Day 19 "What is your hobby and how much money do you spend on it?" I collect comic book compilations, and I'm *ashamed* to confess how...Read more »

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    Bad day at work | Ask MetaFilter "My employer is decreaseing my salary from $90K to $45K with commission. Is this legal? What are my options?" (tags: money askme job career employment) ...Read more »

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    Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge: Question of the Day #17 "How much do you leave in your checking account?" I leave a couple thousand dollars, but it's all designated for upcoming expenses. (tags: ...Read more »

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    Roth IRA at ING? | Ask MetaFilter "Is ING Direct a good place to have a Roth IRA? Other suggestions for easy, cheap plans? Can I do this without hiring a professional to advise me?" (tags: ...Read more »

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    Family income - 2 vs 1 | Ask MetaFilter "In the U.S., why does a family need two incomes to live at a standard that was previously attainable by one?" This is an excellent discussion with no cl...Read more »

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    Young and Broke: Question of the Day! "If you had $10,000, one day, and one store to spend it in, what store would you choose?" (tags: pfblogs qotd) ...Read more »

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    Single Ma's Fabulous Financials - Question of the Day #6 "What percentage of your gross annual salary do you save? Are you happy with that amount or do you think you could do better?" (tags: ...Read more »

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    Free Money Finance: Spending Less Versus Earning More: Which is More Important to Financial Success? This is #5 in the JLP's Question-of-the-Day Marathon. (tags: pfblogs qotd) ...Read more »

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    How many credit cards do you have and what’s their combined credit limit? | Experiments in Finance This is #4 in the Question of the Day Marathon. (tags: pfblogs qotd creditcards) How...Read more »

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    The Investimist » Question of the Day Marathon: Day 3 "What was the last thing that you splurged on that you didn’t really need?" (tags: pfblogs qotd) Personal Finance Advice » Bl...Read more »

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    Caustic Musings » Blog Archive » Question of the Day Marathon: Day 2 Caustic Musings asks: "What is the weekly average cost per person for food in your household, including groceries, snacks,...Read more »

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    Question of the Day Marathon #1 All Financial Matters wonders: "If your budget required you to give up something that you like because you just didn’t have enough money to cover your expenses...Read more »