This Explains a Lot...

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This Explains a Lot...

Postby VinTek » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:52 pm

It's been interesting to watch the dynamic here on the boards recently. Coincidentally, the NY Times Magazine just published an article that explains some of what goes on here: The Mind of a Flip-Flopper

NY Times wrote:We tend to side with people who share our identity — even when the facts disagree — and calling someone a flip-flopper is a way of calling them morally suspect, as if those who change their minds are in some way being unfaithful to their group. This is nonsense, of course. People change their minds all the time, even about very important matters. It’s just hard to do when the stakes are high. That’s why marshaling data and making rational arguments won’t work.

Well, that explains why some people will ignore facts.

NY Times wrote:Simply having to articulate why you believe what you do can also end up changing your attitude.

And that explains why some people won't take a position: because they'd have to explain it, and they don't want to draw the conclusion that they might be wrong.

NY Times wrote:“We fight it out by throwing arguments at each other and are upset when they have no effect,” Haidt says. “It makes us accuse our opponents of bad faith and ulterior motives. But the truth is that our minds just aren’t set up to be changed by mere evidence and argument presented by a ‘stranger.’ ”

And that pretty much sums up a lot of what we've seen lately.

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