First entry - overview

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Re: First entry - overview

Postby BikeRider » Sat Nov 02, 2013 12:02 pm

I'm a little late on an update, which I like to do every six months.

$213,000: Home
$287,000: Retirement Accounts
$ 25,000: Emergency Fund (8 months)
$ 26,000: Savings
$ 5,000: Checking

$152,000: Mortgage
$ 24,000: Student Loan

$380,000: today
$312,000: one year ago

Long-term Goals
We are on track to meet the following goals:
1. Eliminate student loan by 40
2. Eliminate mortgage by 50

Yearly Goals
We know how much we want to spend on various projects over the course of a year and setup monthly withdrawals to fund these activities.
$ 10,000: towards home improvement
$ 9,000: vacation fund
$ 6,000: general savings

Retirement Savings
10% to 401k (me)
10% to 401k (employer)
5% to Roth IRA (me)
10% to 401k (spouse)

Each month, I enjoy capturing the balances of each account and plotting changes over time. I find it very helpful to compare how we're doing this month against one year ago.

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Re: First entry - overview

Postby fiddlefaddle » Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:39 am

I also enjoy keeping up with our different balances monthly to see our progress. Great job this year - your net worth is way up!

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