The Money Boss Manifesto: A brief guide to financial freedom

I'm pleased to announce that, at long last, The Money Boss Manifesto is available to download. This free 87-page PDF collects all of the material from my “financial freedom crash course” into one convenient document. You don't even have to give me your email address to access it! You can grab the guide here:

The Money Boss Manifesto
The Money Boss Manifesto

About the Guide

For many, money is a mystery. It’s not the numbers that are complicated — the math behind wealth-building is shockingly simple — but it’s the mental baggage that bogs us down: the psychology, the emotions, the discipline, the peer pressure.

While the majority of Americans struggle with their personal finances, the basics of business are baked into our national subconscious. We all get that in order to survive and thrive, a company has to make money. What most people fail to grasp, however, is that the same concept holds true for household finances.

I want to change that.

My Money Boss Manifesto has one goal: To teach you the fundamentals of financial independence.

If you implement the ideas in this book, you will build wealth. But this is no “get rich quick” scheme. These concepts are time-tested (and math-tested) methods for managing money. They’re the very same techniques that quiet millionaires have been using for generations to accumulate cash and retire early.

I've created a PDF version of this guide because I want every Money Boss reader to have a shared frame of reference. I want us to have a shared vocabulary and a shared understanding of the philosophy behind this site. With this groundwork laid, we can move on to deeper discussions of financial freedom.

If you download the guide, can you do me a favor? Please drop a line if you spot any errors (such as typos or misinformation) or if you find something that's broken. Microsoft Word and I are bitter enemies. I'm sure that evil demon has done something to tamper with my handiwork.

Other Ways to Read

If you're not a PDF kind of person, you can access the material from the crash course in one of two other ways. If you sign up for the Money Boss mailing list (via the sidebar or any other link), you'll receive the content in ten weekly installments.

Note: If you'd like to receive the ten-week crash course but not the weekly email updates, let me know when you sign up. I can manually remove you from the update list. Similarly, if you want weekly email updates but not the ten-week crash course, tell me. I'll manually remove you from the follow-up series.

If you'd rather read the Money Boss crash course on the web, you can do so via these links:

Sometime soon(-ish), I intend to record audio versions of this material too, which will provide a fourth way to consume it. That project might have to wait until Kim and I are finished with our U.S. roadtrip, though.

Also of note: Earlier this week, I was a guest on The M.O.N.E.Y. Show with J. Money and Paula Pant. This is one of the best interviews I've ever given. If you're a podcast kind of person, you should check it out. Finally, I wanted to celebrate the fact that ten years ago today, I launched Get Rich Slowly. I've been reading and writing about money for a decade now!

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