The GRS file vault contains a whole host of free resources that I’ve gathered over the years. Some of those resources are from me, but most are from other folks. Everything in the file vault is free and legal to share.

The Money Boss Manifesto

For many, money is a mystery. It’s not the numbers that are complicated — the math behind wealth-building is shockingly simple — but it’s the mental baggage that bogs us down: the psychology, the emotions, the discipline, the peer pressure.

While the majority of Americans struggle with their personal finances, the basics of business are baked into our national subconscious. We all get that in order to survive and thrive, a company has to make money. What most people fail to grasp, however, is that the same concept holds true for household finances.

I want to change that.

The Money Boss Manifesto My Money Boss Manifesto has one goal: To teach you the fundamentals of financial independence.

If you implement the ideas in this book, you will build wealth. But this is no “get rich quick” scheme. These concepts are time-tested (and math-tested) methods for managing money. They’re the very same techniques that quiet millionaires have been using for generations to accumulate cash and retire early.

I’ve created a PDF version of this guide because I want every Get Rich Slowly reader to have a shared frame of reference. I want us to have a shared vocabulary and a shared understanding of the philosophy behind this site. With this groundwork laid, we can move on to deeper discussions of financial freedom.

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The Get Rich Slowly file vault contains documents that I’ve created over the years to share with various audiences. These include:

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