Every Sunday I share a little about making money by doing something you love. This week Matt writes that he and his wife both earn money from their hobbies. He likes to build websites, but his wife does something more original:

We realized that nearly anything we do for fun — because we’re the kind of people that like making stuff — can be used to earn a little extra income.

My wife’s current project is The Novel Novel, a side business where she sells totally unique, one-of-a-kind buttons using found materials. She also makes handbound blank journals from discarded library books.

She bought the machine for fun, because she loves making small gifts for friends, family, and herself. But she’s used the proceeds from The Novel Novel to pay for the purchase of a really nice, high-quality button making machine, as well as funding all her other crafty endeavors.

This is exactly the sort of thing I mean when I talk about learning to make money from your hobbies. As I’ve said before, it’s unlikely that your hobby will make you rich, but it can provide a way to earn some spare cash while enjoying a pleasant pastime.

Do you have a money-making hobby? Write it up and drop me a line! Tell me what you do and how you learned to do it.

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