When I first left home, my diet was awful. I mostly ate pizza and ramen, with a lot of hamburgers added to the mix. I didn’t prepare much food myself because I didn’t know how. Besides, I didn’t think I could afford it. Student Cook is a site designed to help young adults get started in the kitchen while keeping an eye on costs.

Student Cook was formed in late 2005 to offer a unique reference point on student cooking for all occasions and budgets. Feeding yourself as a student couldn’t be simpler with our tips on preparing, cooking, eating, storing and shopping for food.

Student Cook is based in the United Kingdom, but its advice is applicable to people of all ages around the world. This site isn’t just for students. There’s handy information in a variety of categories:

Student Cook contains over 130 articles, and adds about 10 new articles every month. Some other gems I found include the etiquette of a shared kitchen, nutritious meals from storecupboard basics, and a list of basic kitchen equipment.

If I had access to information like this when I was in college, I might have subsisted on something other than ramen!

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