Like everyone, I see a lot of ads. Some are obnoxious, but I try not to let them bother me. I was reading an article at USA Today earlier in the week, though, and the following ad made me blow a gasket:

I’ve obscured the advertiser’s logo.

This message is followed by one that reads: “Bad parents don’t.”

Yes, I know the ad is trying to be funny. Yes, I know it’s trying to pretend to hypnotize the reader. I don’t care. This is the sort of blatant consumerist message I hate. I loathe it.

Why does this sort of thing make me angry? Because it works! People who see this ad — including me — will absorb the message into their subconscious. Few will purchase this computer for their kids, but many will have their urge to buy things reinforced.

It’s not often that an ad makes me angry, but it does happen, especially if it contains some blatant falsehood disguised as flip advice: “good parents buy”, “driving is so much easier than cooking”, etc.

Yet another reason it’s important to reduce your exposure to advertising.

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