Last week, I shared a list of 16 alternatives to Microsoft Money. These applications offer a variety of solutions for managing your personal finances.

But not everyone wants to use a specialized computer program to track their spending. Many Get Rich Slowly readers (including my wife) are content to manage their money with a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are easily customizable, and if you know what you’re doing, they can actually be a lot more powerful than standard personal-finance software.

You spreadsheet wizards may want to check out personal finance templates from Google Docs. These documents are part of Google’s template gallery, and are freely available for personal use. Don’t like Google Docs? It’s easy enough to export these files in XLS format so that you can use them with a desktop spreadsheet program.

There are currently 33 personal-finance templates in Google’s library:

To view the entire list, check out the personal finance templates at Google Docs. (Some of you may also be interested in the business templates.)