This article is by editor Linda Vergon.

I think 2012 was the last time we “checked in” with readers to ask “How can we improve Get Rich Slowly?” Last week, we asked the Facebook readers what they thought, and we got some great comments. Jenny Fox wrote that “The personal stories are always good to read and you have excellent, thought-provoking articles, so carry on with that!”

A few people would like to get rich quickly, but at least 15 people agreed with Jason Dotson’s suggestion:

If only.

Some are still dealing with the crushing reality of poverty, and they don’t need stories about getting rich at all. They simply want to learn how to provide “… basic needs like enough food or enough for bills … a home to call our own.”

A lot of readers seem ready to invest but are unsure about how to get started, so they’d like stories that give an in-depth explanation about Roth IRAs or a 401(k). More than a few mentioned that they need information about how to analyze different investment options, and some would even find how to open an investment management account interesting.

Student loans are always on the minds of readers, but those inclined toward entrepreneurship want more out-of-the-box stories on how to create more income to balance out the articles that cover being frugal and saving. But in general, most everyone is just interested to learn how to make their money grow.

Beyond that, real estate investing, “tax stuff,” and interviews with people who got rich slowly made the list. Then some think a monthly reminder would be great, like “Don’t forget to budget for back-to-school items for the kids.” (Yep, Lisa Aberle’s on it already! Stay tuned…)

As J.D. Roth said in 2012 when he asked how we can improve:

“Basically, anything you can tell us about what you like about Get Rich Slowly — and what you don’t like — will help us build a better blog for the future. So, please leave a comment below to tell us how we can better help you.”

So readers, can you suggest an interesting topic or do you have a totally different idea about the site? What would you like to see? (And thank you. We’re really happy you’re here!)

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