Elissa Bass

Elissa Bass

Staff Writer

Elissa Bass is a nationally award-winning journalist who has been a reporter and editor for both print and online publications for 30 years. After a layoff in 2013, she now runs her own marketing/social media/PR company. Born and raised in western Massachusetts, she makes her home in Stonington, CT with her husband, their two children, and their rescued pit bull. Visit her website at http://www.elissabass.com/ to learn more.

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2016 Guide to IRA Contribution Limits, Deadlines and Deductions

Sometimes it’s hard to think about making those IRA contributions and taking the time to understand IRA contribution limits because, well, retirement seems so far off. But the U.S. tax structure has several incentives that make it worth everyone’s time and focus to make consistent contributions. It also pays to make sure you know about deductions relating to your income level – we’ll deal with that here as well. IRA contribution limits For tax year…

How to Save Money on Thanksgiving Day

While our bellies may be stuffed on Thanksgiving, our wallets will be thinner — Americans will spend nearly $3 billion on the holiday, according to data compiled by Statistic Brain. Three billion! That includes food, travel, parties and nights out, and various other items. But instead, we could focus on how to save money on Thanksgiving this year. The average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people in 2015 was $50.11, an increase of $0.70…

New Money App Features On-Demand Advice

App Overview NerdWallet is a personal finance site that provides tools and resources to help consumers make financial decisions. Their new mobile app, simply called NerdWallet, allows anyone with an iPhone to ask financial questions about any subject and get in-depth, one-on-one help for free from their in-house financial experts. We recently reviewed the app as part of our series highlighting the best budget apps of 2016-2017. What I Liked It’s a real person providing information…