Elissa Bass

Elissa Bass

Staff Writer

Elissa Bass is a nationally award-winning journalist who has been a reporter and editor for both print and online publications for 30 years. After a layoff in 2013, she now runs her own marketing/social media/PR company. Born and raised in western Massachusetts, she makes her home in Stonington, CT with her husband, their two children, and their rescued pit bull. Visit her website at http://www.elissabass.com/ to learn more.

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Investing for the first time is a lot like taking that plunge into a new activity – you are intimidated by everything you think you don’t know and you don’t want to appear clumsy in front of others. With the plethora of online brokerages, the opportunities for first-time investors are wide open. However, this wide variety of investment options means you do need to be educated before you begin. You don’t want to put your…

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Checking accounts are notorious for just sitting there and doing nothing for you except holding onto your cash until you need to pay a bill. But there are accounts out there that do pay interest – albeit minuscule – and offer other benefits and enticements! We’ve done the research for you. Several things to look for in a checking account: • No minimum to open • No minimum to earn interest • No ATM fees…

Best Budget Apps 2016-2017: Mint

In the old days you had to wait to get that monthly statement from your financial institution to see how much money you had coming in, and how much money turned around and went out. Today all that information is on-demand and contained within your smartphone — but which apps are best to manage all that data? In this installment of our ongoing series: the best budget apps, we check out Mint. App Overview Mint is a…